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       We specialize in books about the Northern campaigns of the American War of Independence (Canada, Lake Champlain, New-York, New-Jersey, and Philadelphia). Other subject areas in our growing catalog include the British army, material culture, living history, and a new one on the French & Indian War.
       In addition, one of our newest lines features guide books for historians & travelers. A second line features books on spies, spy rings & spycraft. Both of these lines have become extremely popular and we expect them to grow in popularity. We are also carrying a small collection of Osprey Books. These books are an ideal reference resource for living historians, military history enthusiasts, model makers and wargamers. Since they cross over so many periods and subjects, we have decided to bundle them together.

  • Miscellaneous Offerings
  • The Early Revolution in the North
  • The NY-NJ Campaign of 1776
  • The Campaigns of 1777
  • 18th C British Military
  • Material Culture
  • The French & Indian War
  • The Non-Combatants
  • Living History
  • Guide Books for History & Travel
  • Spies, Spy Rings & Spycraft
  • Special Collection of Osprey Titles

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    Osprey Books

    Man-at-Arms Series

           Packed with specially commissioned artwork, maps and diagrams, the Men-at-Arms series is an unrivalled illustrated reference on the history, organization, uniforms, and equipment of the world's military forces, past and present.

    #450 - American Loyalist Troops 1775-84,
    by René Chartrand
           To mark the 450th book in the Men-at-Arms series, Osprey returns to the subject of the very first book in the series, which was published nearly 35 years ago. Author of 27 other Men-at-Arms titles René Chartrand uses newly discovered material to offer a more modern analysis of the American Provincial Corps in this book, American Loyalist Troops. Packed with new photographs, completely new and up-to-date text and illustrations from Gerry Embleton (the much-loved illustrator of over 60 Osprey titles) this book examines the history of the American volunteers who fought on the side of King George in the American Revolutionary War.
           In total something between 30,000 and 50,000 of these "Tories" served in dozens of units, on all fronts from Canada to Florida, and many regiments distinguished themselves in battle. After the final British defeat the survivors and their families withdrew, many into Canada, where they continued to provide a loyal militia to defend the Crown territory. This book will provide updated and comprehensive information on unit identities, commanders, strengths, areas of enlistment, combat record, tactics, uniforms and equipment.


    48 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $18.00
    Shipped in New York State. $20.00

    Campaign Series

          Each book analyses a major battle or campaign, from outbreak to conclusion, taking stock of the opposing forces at crucial points in the fighting. Books in the Osprey Campaign series span military history from the ancient world to modern times. Featuring conventional map work and three-dimensional ‘bird’s-eye-views’ that help you to follow the action, books in the Osprey Campaign series contain up to six pages of battlescene artwork, and colour and black and white images. This series contains some of our most popular titles.

    #37 - Boston 1775:
    The shot heard around the world

    by Brendan Morrissey
           The British assault on Breed's Hill and the burning of Charlestown were the first major battles of the American Revolution; after the events at Boston there was no turning back. This detailed text by Brendan Morrissey explores the opposing commanders and forces involved, whilst describing how the sparks at Lexington and Concord ignited the smouldering resentment of the Colonists into the flame of a rebellion. Colonist militia were pitted against British Redcoats in a series of struggles which led the British to evacuate Boston and to George Washington taking command of the fledgling American army.


    96 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped in New York State. $18.00

    #128 - Quebec 1775:
    The American invasion of Canada

    by Brendan Morrissey
           The American attack on Quebec in 1775 was a key episode in the War of Independence. Capture of the city would give the Americans control of Canada - a disaster for the British. The subsequent campaign involved a 350-mile trek across uninhabited wilderness, a desperate American attack on the city of Quebec that left one American general dead and another wounded, and a British counterattack that culminated in a brutal naval battle off Valcour Island on Lake Champlain. In this book Brendan Morrissey details the events of this ferocious struggle whose results would have such momentous consequences at Saratoga in 1777.


    96 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped in New York State. $21.00

    #67 - Saratoga 1777:
    Turning Point of a Revolution

    by Brendan Morrissey
           The Saratoga campaign was a watershed, and is widely believed to have been the turning point of the American War of Independence. For the first time British regulars were beaten in open battle by equal numbers of Americans. The Continentals bore the brunt of the fighting, supported by 'hordes' of militia who proved adept at attacking detachments or lines of communication.The after-shock in America (on both sides) and Europe transformed a civil war into a global struggle against the two colonial superpowers of the day, France and Spain, and eventually lost George III his American colonies. This book also includes information on the Hudson and Mohawk River Valley campaigns of 1777.


    100 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped in New York State. $21.00

    #135 - Monmouth Courthouse 1778:
    The last great battle in the North

    by Brendan Morrissey
           The battle of Monmouth Courthouse was not only the last major action in the Northern theater, it was also the longest and hardest-fought engagement of the entire Revolutionary War. When the British abandoned Philadelphia to return to New York City, American troops harassed their retreat. On the morning of 28 June 1778, General Lee, George Washington’s lieutenant, attacked the British rearguard but his attack went badly wrong. The British rearguard, now reinforced, threw Lee’s troops into a headlong retreat. Lee was relieved of his command and Washington’s Continentals then stood toe-to-toe with the British, bloodily repulsing a series of powerful attacks by crack troops.


    100 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped in New York State. $21.00

    #176 - Philadelphia 1777:
    Taking the Capital

    by Justin Clement
           A turning point in the War of Independence, the campaign for Philadelphia set in motion a series of events leading to the defeat of the British and eventual independence for the emerging American nation. From the landing of General William Howe's army at the head of the Elk River, to his eventual capture of Philadelphia, the campaign included some fascinating battles. The initial engagement at Brandywine, the Paoli Massacre and the missed opportunity at Germantown are all examined in detail by Justin Clement, with supporting maps, original artwork and photographs. Recently discovered information about the battle of Brandywine and analysis of the major personalities involved completes this comprehensive account.


    100 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped in New York State. $21.00

    #192 - New York 1776:
    The Continentals' First Battle

    by David Smith
           General Sir William Howe's NewYork campaign gave the British their best chance of destroying the Continental Army and George Washington's resistance to colonial power. Having initially assembled his forces on Staten Island, Howe succeeded in dividing the Continentals, defeated them on Long Island and forced Washington to retreat to Brooklyn Heights. Under siege there Washington successfully extricated his troops and crossed the East River to Manhattan but soon had to fall back on Harlem Heights.
           After a few weeks Howe forced the Continentals north to White Plains and defeated them again. However, he allowed Washington to withdraw and preserve his army when more aggressive pursuit could have brought the campaign to a decisive conclusion and ended the war. Instead, with the British army rapidly weakening and facing huge manpower shortages, Washington emerged from a succession of defeats to produce what was ultimately a war-winning strategy. The author provides fascinating insights into a unique campaign in which a string of British victories ultimately led to failure and defeat.


    96 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped in New York State. $21.00

          Author Brendan Morrissey trained as a lawyer before working as a public relations consultant and writer in the defence industry, principally with British Aerospace. He has a long-standing interest in military affairs and Anglo-American relations. Brendan has written several titles for Osprey, including the Campaign series above. He is married and lives in Surrey, UK.

          Adam Hook studied graphic design, and began his work as an illustrator in 1983. He specialises in detailed historical reconstructions, and has illustrated Osprey titles on the Aztecs, the Greeks, the American Civil War and the American Revolution. His work features in exhibitions and publications throughout the world.

    Warrior Series

          Each book concentrates on the service conditions, dress and equipment, motivation, training, recruitment and experiences of fighting men and women. Uniforms and equipment are shown in exploded diagrams. Books in Osprey's Warrior series span military history. Romans and their contemporaries to the men who fought in Vietnam are brought to life. Featuring specially commissioned colour artworks and illustrated throughout with black and white photography.


    #68 - Continental Infantryman of the American Revolution,
    by John Milsop
           America raised three distinct forces to win its revolution: untrained, short-service militiamen; state troops; and the regular Continentals. The latter were the backbone of the army, providing a disciplined and effective fighting force. Some infantrymen served with Arnold's Lake Champlain fleet as marines, while others fought conventionally in sieges and field battles. This book takes a close look at the Continental infantryman of the period examining all facets of their daily life including recruitment, training, service conditions and combat experiences. Many armies have saved their nation: the Continentals helped build theirs.

    64 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $17.00
    Sold Out! Shipped in New York State. $18.00

    Essential Histories

          Books in Osprey’s Essential Histories series span 3,000 years of human conflict, and upon completion, the series will number 65 volumes. Most major wars are covered in single volumes, while some of the larger conflicts can span up to six. Each of them studies the origins, politics, fighting and repercussions of one major war or theater of war, from both military and civilian perspectives. They also feature full colour maps, diagrams and photography throughout, including pictures of contemporary artwork and artifacts -- truly a full visual appreciation of how it was to live through each war at a great price.

    #6 - The Seven Years' War,
    by Daniel Marston
           The closest thing to total war before World War One, the Seven Years' War was fought in North America, Europe, the Caribbean and India with major consequences for all parties involved. This fascinating book is the first to truly review the grand strategies of the combatants and examine the differing styles of warfare used in the many campaigns. These ranged from the large-scale battles and sieges of the European front to the ambush and skirmish tactics used in the forests of North America. Daniel Marston's engaging narrative is supported by official war papers, personal diaries and memoirs, and official reports.


    96 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $15.00
    Shipped in New York State. $16.00

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