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Philip D. Weaver

[1776]    [Capote]    [Springfield]    [Freehold]

      Phil Weaver has been an active living historian for more than forty years. Most of these years he has been a member of the Brigade of the American Revolution, where (among other things) he has lectured at Brigade schools, coordinated events, served as Quartermaster, Duty Officer, Castrametation Officer, acted as a tour guide, narrator, and served in various other field and administrative positions. Mr. Weaver served with the Office of the Brigade Inspector for many years. A four time candidate for B.A.R. Board Member-at-Large, he was elected each of his last three attempts. After four and a half years in office, he resigned to become the commander of his unit, the 2nd New York Provincial Battalion (1775), and was subsequently reelected to that position for five consecutive terms. Shortly thererafter, Phil founded Continental Consulting.

      His beginnings were the Bi-centennial years. Starting in the Dutchess County (NY) Militia, he was soon dividing his time between the militia, the Colonelís Company of the 64th Regiment of Foot and a Royal Artillery Battery. Mr. Weaver eventually began his own fledgling Continental unit. Late in 1978, he realized the futility of all this diversity and joined the 2nd New York exclusively. Phil continued with that unit until 2004. After an extended hiatus, he returned as an active member in 2012.

      As a well-known researcher and advocate for the living history hobby, Philís articles have appeared in Black Powder Times, F&I War, Military Uniforms in America, Military Collector and Historian, Muzzle Blasts, Muzzleloader, The Brigade Dispatch, and most recently the on-line Journal of the American Revolution. He is an original member of the West Point Chapter of the Company of Military Historians and has served as its chairman.

      Mr. Weaver briefly appeared with The American Company of Players where he noteably played one of MacHeath's drunken highwaymen in The Beggar's Opera and as Tony Lumpkin in She Stoops to Conquer.

      Mr. Weaver is associated with many Hudson River historic sites and a charter member of what as known at the time as the New York State Military Heritage Museum. He is a former member of The Alamo Society, a founding member of the "15th US Infantry-A War of 1812 Reenactment Unit," and has also volunteered with both the Farmerís Museum Militia and the Old Sturbridge Village Militia.

      He has twice won Sturbridgeís "Best Militiaman" award. Mr. Weaver has also been granted Honorary Master Degrees for tailoring, shirtmaking, and trimming from the Brigade of the American Revolution.

      In May 2004, Mr. Weaver was elected a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians.

[OATH] [Gouda] [OSV]

Fellow of the Company of Military Historians
Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Mo.
May 15, 2004

  • For his scholarship in the field of military uniforms of the American Revolution, including published articles;
  • For his expertise in the history of the American Revolution, especially as it occurred in upstate New York;
  • For his participation in historically accurate re-creations of that period, including his demonstrations of the life of the Revolutionary soldier and his presentations of this information to the audiences ranging from the general public to school groups;
  • For his active participation in the Hudson Valley/West Point Company Chapter as an original member, officer, webmaster, and speaker;
  • For his willingness to share his knowledge with others;
  • For his deep dedication to the enhancement of the art and conduct of authentic recreation of the period of the American Revolution as manifested by his active participation in our sister organization, the Brigade of the American Revolution and for his activities as founder and publisher of a journal devoted to 18th and early 19th Century living history, The Colonial Chronicle;
  • Philip D. Weaver is a credit to himself, to military history and The Company of Military Historians.




    Dutchess County Militiaman at Battle of Long Island (Aug 1976)
    Photo courtesy of the family of the late Edward T. Smith

    Laying tent lines at John Jay Hometead, NY (Sept 1982)
    Photo by and courtesy of Steve Dahlber

    As off duty Sergeant of 2nd N.York in camp at Springfield, NJ
    Photo by and courtesy of the late Robert Ferris

    At B.A.R. Market Fair, Freehold, NJ
    Photo by and courtesy of Marge Bruchac

    Swearing in as a B.A.R. Board Member-at-Large (April 1985)
    Photo courtesy of the late Dave Horn

    Outside walls of Ft.Wellington, Prescott, Ontario, Canada, with a bayonet and
    a rashion of fried chicken, roll, hard boiled eggs, & a small Gouda cheese (July 1979)
    Photo by and courtesy of Dody-Jane (Weaver) Svetahor

    At Old Sturbridge Village, MA (May 2007)
    Photo by and courtesy of John A. Isaksen

    All photo graphics above by Continental Consulting

    Philip D. Weaver is honored at the 2004 CMH Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO
    CMH Photo by Bill Emerson and courtesy of the Company of Military Historians


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