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The Good Old Colony Days, by Linda Russell
Now on CD! Continental Consulting is pleased to carry renowned balladeer Linda Russell's wonderful collection of songs from 18th-century America. Linda illuminates our country's heritage with such tunes as Farewell to Old Ireland, Massachusetts Hop, The Road to Boston, In the Good Old Colony Days, Brandywine Quickstep -- 16 songs in all. Guitar, dulcimer, fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, penny whistle -- all instruments familiar to Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin -- accompany Linda's authentic artistry. Former BAR Commander, Richard Patterson, is among that accompaniment.

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Revolution on the River,
by The Hudson River Ramblers
Chosen "Best CD of 2001" by Hudson Valley Magazine, reaction to Revolution on the River has been nothing short of phenomenal. Storyteller Jonathan Kruk and folk balladeer Rich Bala have produced a carefully researched collection of authentic songs and stories from the time of the American Revolution in the Hudson River Valley. This CD offers a fascinating listening experience in a tapestry of words, music, and sound that will delight anyone interested in America's Revolutionary War.

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Image courtesy of the Hudson River Ramblers


Runaway & Deserter Ads: American Newspapers 1774–1783
Compiled and Transcribed by Don N. Hagist
1700 advertisements maticulously transcribed from American newspapers (1774–1783), by Mr. Hagist. The list includes male and female runaways, deserters, ads for stolen goods, and the like. It retains the spelling and grammar used in the original ads, with some changes to the formatting and punctuation.

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18th Century Military Texts, 1759–1787
Complete versions of nearly forty different period advice books, drill manuals, administrative guides, medical books, and religious instructions for foot, horse, and navy.

Windows PDF Version Only. Shipped 1st Class. $29.00
in New York State $32.00


The Complete Cuthbertson,
Compiled, transcribed, and edited by Mark Tully & Don Hagist
Two of the best editors in the Rev-War living history field have applied modern technolgy to a classic. They are now offering a transcription of the 1768/1776 edition with notes from the 1779 edition of Bennett Cuthbertson's classic "A System for the Compleat Interior Management and Oeconomy of a Battalion of Infantry" on a single CD.
This CD also includes "The Manual Exercise, as Ordered by His Majesty in 1764" as edited by Mark Tully and much more. Adobe Acrobat Reader software for PC or MAC also carried on the CD.

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