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Phil's Perpetual Blanket Sale
A Division of Continental Consulting
195 Sterling Place Highland NY 12528-2021

New, Used, or Worn-out Reproduction 18th & Early 19th Century
Clothing, Uniforms, and Accoutrements Bought and Sold

(Last Updated 2019/01/21)


      Phil's Perpetual Blanket Sale has been in need of a significant overhaul. We have finally begun giving it that face lift. During this process we have learned our hemp source is among the missing, the pewter cup source is no longer in that business (though we do have a few cups left), and we sadly lost our glass bottle source.

      Please forgive the long delay in getting the rest of the mess cleaned up. Please keep an eye out was we phase in recent updates. Meanwhile, make sure you come and see a small selection of these items at our next road show -- but come by early, as the items always seem to sell fast!

      For those of you who require mail order service, please keep in mind the US Postal Service has made significant changes in recent years. Their delivery service is far better than in the past, but they no longer offer the inexpensive shipping option of "Parcel Post." Anything under 13 ounces goes 1st class. Anything higher goes out as Priority Mail. There is a general mail option of some type, but is within a few cents of Priority Mail and lacks the speed of delivery and tracking capabilities. So, please keep this in mind when you order from the Blanket Sale. Our prices include all appropriate taxes, but shipping will need to be determined prior to payment and is not included in the price structure below.

Hemp Goods


      Looking for some natural strapping? We can probably get you the width you want and in the yardage you require. Currently we have a nice supply of 1.25" wide -- which makes a great wooden canteen strap. While the supply lasts, we can provide you an ample 2 yds for just $6.00.


Only two canteen straps left!  Hemp Canteen Strap $6.00
Tax/Shipping POR


      We can now offer some terriffic Romanian hemp twill fabric in a 59" width. Beautifully dyed with a soft vivid color, this fabric is great for small clothes, civilain coats, sacks, packs, etc.
       We offer a soft and lighter weight 9.5 oz. at $18.00/yard and a stiffer and more rigid 12 oz. at $20.00/yard. Colors available are a milk chocolate brown, navy blue, dark olive, and purple. We can also get the 12 oz. as unbleached, for just $15.00 yard. Sorry no bleeched white.
       Any combination of colors, weights, or yardages is acceptable. Shipping charges to be determined on a case by case basis.

Sold! Source is no longer available.   12 oz Navy Blue Hemp Twill (4yds) $80.00
Tax/Shipping POR

Pewter Cups

      Tired of drinking your after-hours beverage out of a tin cup? Wish you had something nicer than a polished vessel of over-weight armitale? Why not try one of our pewter cups? They come in 8 oz, 9 oz., and 12oz. sizes in a bright finish (pictured). Design may vary slightly from that pictured (i.e. the 8 oz size we now carry has a slight taper to it). Occasionally we also have some available in a satin finish. None of these cups are first quality (as confirmed by their low price), but are very good seconds that show no more damage than an average living historian would give them in an evening at Dunning's Tavern. Check one out. You will not be disappointed!
      Sorry, we only have one 12 oz. cup left in stock


One cup left!  8 & 9 ounce size $20.00
12 ounce size $30.00
- satin $25.00
Please add $8.00 for shipping & handling

Hat Blanks

       We are now down to only two left of our experimental supply of extremely nice thick fur-felt hat blanks. The smaller will be good for civilian/military (sergeants and officers) round hats. You can squeeze out enough for a short-brimmed "tricorn." The larger will make a nice 5 1/2" brim for cocked hat. Correctly, these are called staples, but have been partially sized and the crown lowered to a manageable 4.5 inches to aid in blocking. Yes, these hats should be blocked. We hope you will give them a try. Black only. Send us your head circumference and we will do our best to get you a good size. Sizes below are after blocking. As-is sizing is significantly smaller.

One in stock for mid-range sizes (7 3/8 - 7 7/8) Price $55.00 (POR S&H)
One in stock for the larger sizes (7 5/8 - 8 1/8) Price $80.00 (POR S&H)

       We also have three 100% wool felt blanks in stock. Depending on your size, you should be able to make a common man's cocked hat out of them. These are more like a "hood" than a semi-blocked blank. They are rather soft and will require blocking and sizing. So, they would work really well as a small to medium brimmed round hat, but the wool blanks do not work that well for large brimmed flopped hats. The good news is that they will block quickly and easily. Currently we only stock these in black.

Price $25.00 (POR S&H)
All three for $65.00



      A number of years ago, we here at Continental Consulting came into a quantity of bright gold twisted fringe and some bright gold metallic lace. It seemed logical to want to make some infantry/artillery officer's grade epaulettes for re-sale. Our proprietor agreed (since he was going to have to make them), so we are proud to offer them here.
      The officer epaulettes we sell are meant for company-grade (Captain, Lieutenants, and Ensigns) or field grade (Colonels, Lt. Colonels or Majors). Field grade officers wore two and company grade officers, one. In the British Army, they always wore that signle epaulette on the right shoulder. The Continental Army, near the end of the war, began to have their Subalterns (Lieutenants and Ensigns) wear theirs on the left shoulder.
      Over the years, all of our epaulettes have been sold off, except the one new-made that is pictured with the scarlet background. This epaulette can be worn by recreated Continental Army infantry or artillery company-grade officers with scarlett colored facings, or comparable British officers sporting scarlet, white, or buff facings.


      We are also selling the one with the blue background (see below) that was worn many years ago by our proprietor. It is in a slightly worn condition, but has an attractive extra layer of bullion fringe, so it is priced the same as the scarlet one. This could be worn by anyone recreating a blue-coated Continental officer or a British "Royal" regiment.
      These two will close out the available officers epaulettes. We lack the fixings to make anymore and it is not cost effective to start doing them again. However, we will certainly consider our proprietor making an epaulette or two for you, if you provide the makings.

Scaled for a larger man with wider shoulders. Longer fringe. Popular flat knot-design. Designed with under-strap to slide under loop on shoulder of regimental coat. Specially made by our proprietor. We only have a single company-grade officer's left in stock with a scarlet red background.

$75.00 (S&H - POR)

Colonial Chronicle Baseball/Golf Caps


      This is a terrific and comfortable stone-grey colored soft golf-cap with a four-inch high stiffened front. The front sports The Colonial Chronicle logo in black silk screen ink. Matching fabric strap in back with a colored-keyed plastic slide buckle to comfortably adjust to even the largest head sizes. Limited quantities remain and will not be restocked.

$12.00 (S&H - POR)

18th Century Repro Glasswear

       We restocked our inventory early in 2007 with a nice assortment of "Pirate" bottles and flasks. We had a good run on our inventory during that year and subsequently sold out the rest.

       A note on our glasswear: Many of you know our source for the bottles we sold was P&B Glassworks in Williamsburg, Va, which was started in 1993 by two former glass blowers from Jamestown. We had hoped to restock from them in the Fall of 2008, but due to the sudden death of founder John Pierce, they have ceased doing business. John was a skilled craftsman and a class act. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.


Special Message from the Proprietor

Dear Friends,
        I had an epiphany a few years ago that it was time I begin to downsize the amount of period repro clothing & equipment I have personally accumulated. In the over 40 years I had spent doing living history, this accumulation became pretty significant, even when you factor out the many items I have already passed on to others over the years. There is so much stuff; I do not have the closet and cabinet space to hold it all. So, it is time to pass on some of my favorite pieces that I no longer use, or have any hope of ever using again.


From the Proprietor's Personal Collection:

  • Hats for the "Fat Head" [Tricorn]
  • "Tricorn" Hat - 1770's style. Stiffened Brim. "Sausage-casing" linen liner w/paper top.
                   Pecan Brown - blocked oval to Size 8 - Very Good Condition $50.00
  • "Round" Hat - Stiffened medium-width brim. Glued in full linen liner w/sheapskin sweatband
                   Black hat band w/brass buckle. 3 3/4" high crown. Can easily pass for a modern hat.
                   Black fur felt - blocked oval to Size 8 - Excellant Condition $50.00
  • "Round" Hat Shell - Sized with molded medium-width brim. No liner of any kind.
                   Black fur felt - blocked round Size 8-8+ - Heavy use but in good condition $10.00
  • "Round" Hat Shell - Sized with molded medium-width brim. No liner of any kind.
                   Forest green wool felt - Blocked semi-oval - Size 8-8+ - Poor condition $8.00

  • Assorted Items
  • "Officer's Turnback Hearts - One pair - for a regimental short coat
                - w/real silver soutache - $15.00
  • Officer's Real Gold Epaulette - Flat knot type - Light bullion fringe & 1/2" naval lace -- with extra layer of fringe -- Navy blue wool background - (Pictured above) ............$75.00
  • Broadcloth Remant - Medium weight - Charcoal grey - 60" wide - 1 7/9 yards long - $35.00
  • Knit Stockings Size M -- Dense -- Tan -- a few pin holes - 100% wool $ 5.00
  • Knit Stockings Size L/XL -- Thick -- White -- Two darnings - 100% wool $20.00
  • Knit Stockings Size L/XL -- Thick -- White -- Repaired - Partial/all acrylic yarn $12.00
  • Shoe Buckles - Fugawee "Military #3" - Brass - New
                - Fork trimmed off to a manageable length..........$37.00
  • 19th C Men's Shoes (Missouri Boot & Shoe)
    Size 12D -- Waxed Rough-Out -- Square Toes -- Inset heel rims -- Three sets of lace holes -- Very Stout -- Nearly new -- Very light wear - Could get away for Rev-War - especially under gaiters or overalls $110.00 - On Hold!
  • Woodland Moccasins Size 12D -- Probably elk hide -- Greased
                - Navy blue wool removable liners .......$35.00
  • Oil Cloth Shirt - Tan color - Pre-Cut Pieces - Unassembled
                - Pull-over design, but can be slit up the front
                - Includes excess material ..................$50.00
  • Bayonet & Sword Belt - Simple Black Double-Frog w/elongated "tail"
                - Real Buff Leather Strap - 1 3/4" wide - Round Brass Buckle
                - New-Made by Hand ..........................$80.00
  • Buttons (Najecki) - pewter - small - Birdseye pattern (20 cnt)..SOLD...$ 9.00
  • Canvas Valise - Pasteboard internal frame is covered with pages from Guy Johnson New York Militia drill manual from 1772 - There is a rudimentary harness leather handle on left side - forged iron tie down buckles - Needs repainting (strongly suggest you use black or madder latex enamel)
                - Hand stitced/glued ........SOLD!....$95.00

  •   [Val1] [Val2] [Val3]  

  • Fabric Remants & Pieces
  • Superfine - Red - __" wide - 1/3 yards long - $35.00
  • Superfine - Scarlet - __" wide - 1 yards long - $60.00
  • Broadcloth - Medium weight - Charcoal grey
                - Very Nice - 60" wide - 1 7/9 yards long ....$35.00
  • Wool - Light weight - Red-Brown w/white Birdseye Pattern - Washed - 1 3/4 yards long - SOLD! - $30.00
  • Linen - Medium-Heavy weight - White - __" wide - 6 1/3 yards long - $105.00
  • Cotton - Manchester - Brown - __" wide - 1 1/2 yards long - $14.00

  • Still Floating Around
  • Replacement (1.5") Round Lenses - Clear Safety Glass - $25.00
                - Sph: -325 Cyl: -050 Axis: 71 1/2 BI
                - Sph: -225 Cyl: -050 Axis: 120 1/2 BI
  • Replacement (1.5") Round Lenses - Clear Safety Glass - $25.00
                - Sph: -300 Cyl: -025 Axis: 55
                - Sph: -200 Cyl: -025 Axis: 135
  • Replacement (1.5") Round Lenses - Clear Safety Glass - $25.00
                - Sph: -225 Cyl: -050 Axis: 55
                - Sph: -175 Cyl: -050 Axis: 135
  • Quick Loads (approx 90) - .68-.75 caliber - new- $10.00 ($3.00 S&H)
  • Broilers (see Neumann's "Collector's Encyclopedia" - page 92)
                - hand forged iron- 1.25 inch wide stock - $18.00 ea. -($7.00 S&H (UPS))
                - On back order and hopefully returning soon!

    "Just wanted to say that if you have a few bucks to spend, you really should invest it in one of Phil's broilers. I have one (for when I do my common slob militia impression) It does the very same thing that the George Forman grill that you see advertised on late night T.V. does and at a very reduced price. Check it out and tell Phil that Doc sent ya."

    Mike Williams
    Detached Field Hospital
    Graham, NC

    The Nick Finelli Collection

  • Clothing
    - Oil Cloth Rain Shirt (Tentsmiths) – Pull Over – Large
                 neck 18 ½ sleeve 36 length 37 circum 54..............$75.00
    - Hunting Shirt – Pull Over – Med-Lg (Regular)
                 neck 19 sleeve 35 length 40 circum 50................ $65.00
    - Linen Tape – ½” wide - 11yds........................................ $10.00
    - Wool Tape – Ό” wide – White - 2½ yds......................... $ 4.00
    - Wool Hat Rope – 3/8" – White - 20 Feet......................... $ 6.00
    - Wool Hat Rope – 3/8" – Black - 10 Feet.......................... $ 3.00
    - Wool Knit “Sailor’s” hat – Brown – Not Tarred ............. $ 20.00
    - Milled Cotton Stockings – Heavy Wgt – White – M/L $ 15.00
    - Brass GGG #94 Rectangular Buckle 2Ό”...$12 each.. 3/$30.00
  • Children's Clothing
    - Linen Canvas Trousers – 33-24 ½ ......................... $15.00
    - Blue Canvas Trousers – 33-23 ½ .......................... $15.00
    - Blue Canvas Waistcoat – Boys .............................. $20.00
    - Breeches – Heavy Drill/Pockets - Boys – 33-23 ½ $30.00
    - Breeches – Light Drill – worn - Boys .................... $20.00

  • Merchandise
    - Priming Horn – Commercially made – 7” Long ....... $25.00
    - Indian Rope Tumpline ........................................ $15.00
    - Tin Candle Sconce ................................................. $15.00
    - Tin Fishing Tackle Set ...........................................$10.00
    - Tin Flint & Steel Kit (Townsends) – No Striker
                 round tin, 2 flints, 2 char cloth sets, booklet $15.00
    - Jute - (Townsends) Large Hank for Tinder/Tow ... $ 3.00
    - Bayonet Frog – Harn. Leather - unassemb (2 avail) $ 4.00
    - Lock cover – Leather - soft .................................. $ 5.00
    - Haversack – Old - Stained .................................... $ 4.00


    © 2011 Steve Schwartz

           Phil's Perpetual Blanket Sale has recently added items that belonged to the late Nick Finelli of the 2nd New York Provincial Battalion (shown here in a memorial photo by Steve Schwartz). Nick, a NYPD officer, passed away five years ago from cancer resultant from his work on the rubble of the Twin Towers following the September 11, 2001 attack.
           Nick was not only a good customer, but also a good friend to Continental Consulting. He would often help in setting-up or taking down our field store. So we are honored to have been chosen by his widow, to be the primary distributor of these items. Many, not listed here, have already been sold, but we hope to have additional items for sale from Nick's estate as his widow finds them.


    Act quickly as many items (not on this list) have already sold.
    Shipping charges available upon request.

    *** All prices include appropriate New York State Sales Tax ***
    (shipping charges additional)

    Immediate Availability

    Send us your price list and we'll make you an offer
    (Help out someone else with your old stuff!)


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