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Shillís Shirts
A Division of Continental Consulting
195 Sterling Place Highland NY 12528-2021

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our little business into yet another division, Shill's Shirts. Although we hope to offer many new designs down the road, our initial offerings will be close-outs from previous years and a line of flag T-Shirts from LIVE FREE, INC. Unfortunately, they are going out of the wholesale business, and we will probably not be able to restock these fine shirts. So, what you see here is it.

Flag Shirts
Available in M, L, XL, & XXL


"Antiqued" Betsy Ross Flag T-shirts are 100% cotton and generously cut. Sizes run from M-XXL. They are available in either white or the more popular oatmeal for our introductory price of $15.00 each.


Sorry, we only have one of the Betsy Ross sweatshirts pictured in wite (XXL) left in stock.


This year all of our Betsy Ross Flag t-shirts sport a list of historical dates on the back. (See below)

America's Historic Beginning
1764 -

1764 -
1765 -
1766 -
1767 -
1770 -
1773 -

1773-74 -

1774 -

1775 -

1775 -
1776 -
1776 -

1776-77 -

1777-78 -
1781 -

1781 -
1783 -
Britain invokes the Currency Act, increasing taxes to help pay for the
French and Indian War.
Britain passes the Stamp Act, taxing newspapers and other printed matter.
The Sons of Liberty band together against taxation without representation.
Britainís Parliament repeals the Stamp Act.
Britain passes the Townshend Acts, taxing tea and other goods.
1770 - Five Americans are killed by the British in the Boston Massacre.
The Boston Tea Party: 50 rebels throw chests of tea into Boston Harbor
to protest taxes.
Britain blockades Boston harbor and takes away some self-governing
rights from Massachusetts.
The First Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia to protest and petition
Britain's King George.
The Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia and names George
Washington commander-in-chief of the American forces.
Britain declares war on America.
The Declaration of Independence is signed. America is officially born.
The British capture New York City. The Americans retreat to
Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton and Princeton,
New Jersey.
The Americans winter at Valley Forge.
The French fleet and American troops defeat the British at Yorktown.
The war is won.
The U.S. Congress adopts the Articles of Confederation as its constitution.
Britain recognizes American independence.

The most popular T-Shirt we are currently offering is the Gadsden Flag design, produced by Live Free, Inc. Featuring the yellow flag with the famous coiled rattlesnake, on a colored T-shirt, and the motto "Don't Tread on Me," this shirt has been gaining in popularity since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The most popular colors for these shirts was either black or (Continental Marine) green, but they are no longer available from our supplier. We did get in a nice stock of our third choice of golden yellow, natural, and a new color, oxford gray. All are a sturdy medium weight 100% cotton, except the gray, which includes 10% polyester fibers. Our price for this exciting high-quality shirt for our price of $16.00. (Remember these are the remaining quanitities and we will not be able to restock when they are gone.)

[snake flag]


Our Gadsden Flag T-shirts are Sold Out!
- However -
We still have in stock
one (1) oatmeal Betsy Ross Flag medium T-shirt
one (1) white Betsy Ross Flag XXL Sweatshirt

Both with plain backs

T-shirt priced as above * Sweatshirt is $25.00 plus shipping

Live-Free Logo T-Shirts
Limited Availablity in L, XL, & XXL



These T-shirts were designed to advertise the Live-Free brand, but are really a nice shirt for the Continental minded Rev-War living historian. They feature a full color silkscreen of the Malcolm MacGregor illustration of a Delaware Continental soldier (in yellow-bound cocked hat, white overalls and blue regimental coat w/red facings) on the back. The same figure is over the left breast with an arch of stars and the "Live-Free" name underneath. Same comfortable fit and cut as the other shirts we sell. Available only as short sleeved (oatmeal) for a price of $16.00 each.

Sorry - Sold Out


First Edition
Colonial Chronicle T-Shirts

Remaining Quantities Available!
$14.00 each
(tax included)
100% Heavy Duty Cotton
Grey-White Heather Only
Sizes L, XL, & XXL
(half sizes should order next size up)


2nd Amendment Logo 100% Cotton T-Shirts


"Live Free" brand logo silk screened in white on left breast. Full sized 2nd Amendment logo, with crossed muskets (fixed bayonets) and stars, silk screened in black and white across back. Shirts are 100% cotton and are quite durable.

Short Sleeved:


Long Sleeved:

Lt Grey
Lt Grey
Lt Grey
Dk Green

Embroidered Continental Soldier Shirts


     Tiny embroidered Continental soldier (blue coat, white small clothes, black full gaiters, musket at Order Firelocks) on left breast of a short sleeved T-shirt. "Live Free" brand logo embroidered at rear neck line.

Sold Out

Please add $2.00/T-shirt to cover shipping

** Make checks payable to: Continental Consulting **

A note on our shirt pricing

1st Class Postage for a single T-shirt, is about $2.70 each. We were once able to absorb theses costs as part of regular pricing, but the cost of doing business has made that all but impossible. So, we have asked you to add an additional charge of $2.00 ($3.00 Priority Mail) per T-shirt to help the cause. For orders of more than two shirts, we can mitigate these charges a bit, on a case-by-case basis. E-mail us when you are ready to order. (Link is below)

We do not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside of New York State and, once again, clothing sales within the State of New York are taxable. When appropriate, these rates are included in our retail price.

Do you have any questions?

Color graphics courtesy of Live Free, Inc. * Edited by Continental Consulting

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Do you have any questions?

** Please make checks payable to: Continental Consulting **

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