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A Unique Publication
Dedicated to Living History of
18th & Early 19th Century North America

(ISSN 1528-8641)


    Combined, the American colonial and federalist periods have come to be known as the Flintlock Era. For it was the flintlock musket and rifle that brought about the social and political changes that led to the formation of present day North America.

    Nearly all living history about this era is built around the conflicts where these weapons were used. The landscape is dominated by Revolutionary War units, but is also liberally covered with those interested the Seven Yearsí War in North America, the War of 1812, and the Golden Age of Militia. To a lesser extent, some people are sprouting up doing Pontiacís Conspiracy of 1763, Shayís Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Seminole Wars, the Black Hawk War of 1832, and the Texas Revolution.

    It is to these people that this publication is directed. Though The Chronicle will concentrate heavily on the period of the American War for Independence, we hope our readers will find our mix (including a touch of irreverence and humor) a refreshing change from the usual diet of mountain men, rendezvouses, and buckskinning. This is not to say that such subject matter is unworthy, but it certainly has saturated the market. On the other hand, man cannot live by war alone. So, nonmilitary subjects will be covered as often as possible.

Chronicle Columns

    Subjects, which can vary from one issue to another, include: Topical Issues, Points of View, Authenticity, Interpretation, Contemporary Quotations, Research Tips, Historic Sites, Interviews, Features, Editorials, Tid-Bits, and much more. A new series, starting in 2000, is entitled "Tailoring Tips"

Research Tips:
    When space allows, a brief tip or two will be included in each issue. Hopefully it will remind the novice that historical research is not only easy, but fun. Most people simply need the encouragement to get started. Tips submitted by any of the readership will be given appropriate credit.

My Dear Phil:
    The Colonial Chronicle strongly encourages letters to the editor and other forms of correspondence. However, beware that any personally directed, inaccurate, or blatantly inflammatory submissions will be returned for re-editing.
    As a matter of policy, any contributorís street address, phone number, or organizational affiliation will no longer be published unless it is appropriate or prearranged to the contrary.
    The columnís title was taken from a salutation in an original letter, from Lt. Nicholas Van Rennselaer (2nd N.York-1775) to his brother Philip, found in the N.Y. State Archives in Albany. Omens like this should never go unheeded.

My View:
    This is the editorial column. It is where the editior/publisher expresses his opinion. However, other voices may sometimes appear under this title as guest editorials.

Bits ĎN Bullets:
    Miscellaneous bullet items of no particular importance or priority will be listed here as needed.

From the Editorís Desk:
    This column is the editorís memo pad to the reader. It will essentially be for administrative matters too lengthy for bullet items.

Contemporary Chronicles:
    This special column will include remembrances, observations, letters, etc. from the people who were eyewitnesses to what todayís living historians are trying to recreate.

For Further Reading:
    A list of periodicals, books, monographs, and the like will be included here so as to allow the reader, the opportunity to delve deeper into the subjects discussed in each issue.

Assorted Features:
    The Colonial Chronicle is always interested in fresh material, but occasionally it will be necessary, to reprint articles or features from other publications. This is especially true if it is of value to the issue at hand. All appropriate credit will be given and permission to reprint will be sought.

The Masthead

    The masthead of this publication is, by any stretch of the imagination, conservative. However, appropriately centered on the top is a sheaf of wheat. This particular sheaf was drawn by the editor and based, in part, on the one depicted on the Ulster County (NY) seal - The Chronicle's county of origin. A sheaf of wheat is also the documented symbol on a 1776 paper dollar from the Colony of New York. And finally, not meaning to sound too pretentious, three sheaves (known as garbs) appear on the Weaver family coat of arms.


Additional Information

    The Colonial Chronicle is a computer-generated quarterly newsletter on 11x17 folded high-grade colored paper. It finishes out as twelve 8.5x11 pages plus an occassional stuffer. To allow for these stuffers and to give it a professional appearance, each issue is delivered to you by first class US mail in a 9x12 envelope.
    In March of 2000, The Colonial Chronicle became officially registered with the Library of Congress's National Serials Data program (ISSN 1528-8641). The number will formally appear on the masthead beginning with Volume #6. Meanwhile, stickers, indicating the number, are being applied to most of the reprint sets. It is doubtfull that any of the previously printed original issues will be altered in any way.
    The Chronicle's growing list of readers stretches from Florida to Ontario in the East and all the way to he shores of the west coast. It includes veterans and recruits, researchers, educators, historians, writers, actors, sutlers, and historic site staffs. All are interested in the growth and development of living history.


Philip D. Weaver, Editor
The Colonial Chronicle
Continental Consulting

Chronicle Info Links

Detailed Catalog of Articles
       Detailed list of all the articles that appeared in each issue of The Colonial Chronicle

The Greatest Hits of The Colonial Chronicle
       A collection of the best Rev-War material from The Colonial Chronicle all bundled up into a brand new perfect bound paperback book

Frequently Asked Questions
       Find answers to most of your questions here

Pricing Options

    The Colonial Chronicle has been on hiatus for an interminable number of years and will be terminated as a quarterly publication upon the conclusion of Volume #6. Issues #4 while has yet to be published. A closeout subscription to Volume #6, for just $12.00, will get you issues #1, #2, & #3 plus issue #4 upon publication. All will be delivered as first class mail. Previous issues from volumes #1-5 are available as described below.

Sets of Back Issues:
Volume #1 - Except a few original copies, it is only available in reprint form.
Volume #2 - Except a few original copies, it is only available in reprint form.
Volume #3 - Limited number of original copies are still available.
Volume #4 - Limited number of original copies are still available.
Volume #5 - Original copies are still available.

.........................................................................$10.00 ea. - (ppd.)

Single Back Issues:
   We are moving from selling back issues to selling the very popular reprint sets. As part of this process, all of our remaining single back issues have been bundled together in sets of four (Issues 1-4 of a single Volume) described above. If we have a reprint available to fill out an uncompleted volume of original issues, we have done so. The odd issues remaining due to over-runs at the printer, etc., have been thrown into one collection and made available for a close out price of just $2.50 each. Please inquire if you have a particular interest.

Stapled Reprint Sets:
   Four quarterly issues of The Colonial Chronicle that have been reprinted and stapled into a packet with card stock covers. Front cover has Chronicle logo. The text of these reprints has been re-edited for typos and/or scanning errors. Some graphics were also enhanced since the original publication date.

Volume #1 - (Spring 1995 - Winter 1996)
Volume #2 - (Spring 1996 - Winter 1997)

.........................................................................$10.00 ea. - $12.00 Canada
..................................... Please add $2.00 1st Class Postage/$4.00 in Canada

Grand Slam Priority Mail Special:
   Reprinted copies of Volume #1 of The Colonial Chronicle stapled into a packet with a card stock cover, the sixteen original issues of Volume #2, #3, #4 & #5, the 4-page Informational Issue, plus an extra card stock cover page.

.............................................. No Longer Offered ...$60.00 - $65.00 Canada

Reprint Edition of The Colonial Chronicle: *** EDITOR'S CHOICE ***
   Wow! The first twelve issues (Spring 1995 - Winter 1998), the revised 4-page Informational Issue, and a complete list of articles photocopied onto heavy duty 28-pound white paper. (The text of these reprints has been re-edited for typos and/or scanning errors. Some graphics were also enhanced.) The whole is GBC spiral bound with grey linen-like card stock cover pages (front one has the Chronicle logo) and clear lucite cover sheet.
*Sorry this offer does not include any flyers, brochures, or other promotional items included with the regular isues.

......................................................................Remaining Quantities........$25.00
............. Now Shipped FREE!!.......($4.00 shipping/$6.00 in Canada)

All Prices are in U.S. Funds

Ordering Instructions

    E-mail your snail-mail address and request a free flyer, application, and an itemized list of articles. However, since all the information is provided on this page, it is recommended you order immediately by sending your personal check made out to "Continental Consulting" to the editor at:

195 Sterling Place
Highland NY 12528-2021

    Be sure to include name, snail-mail address, e-mail address (recommended), telephone number (optional), and and recreated unit name (optional) that you might belong to. Please also include your ZIP +4 zip code!

    If you provide your e-mail address, you will be placed on our electronic mailing list. You will then recieve updates and/or special announcements from the publisher. This is a courtesy to our subscribers and it (or any of our other lists) will not be sold or intentionally distributed to outsiders for any purpose.

Please Remember
Continental Consulting is a cash business and does not bill.
Therefore, issues can not be sent on consignment.

** Make checks payable to: Continental Consulting **

Questions? Visit our FAQ page before you Contact Us.

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