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Umbrella Organizations

  • Brigade of the American Revolution
  • British Brigade
  • Continental Line
  • The Living History Association
  • The Northern Brigade
  • Northwest Territory Alliance

  • Congressional Forces

  • 10th Massachusetts Regt. - Lt. Infantry Coy.

  • New York
  • 1st New York - McCracken's Company
  • 2nd New York Provincial Battalion (1775)
  • 3rd New York Regt.(1775) - Capt. Dubois' Coy.
  • 3rd New York Regt.(1775) - Capt. Nicholson's Coy.
  • 3rd New York Regt.(1775) - Long Island Coys.
  • 4th New York Regt.(1775) - Capt. Platt's Coy.
  • 5th New York Regt.(1777)
  • Lamb's Artillery Company (1775)
  • Col. Albert Pawling's Levies

  • New Jersey
  • 2nd New Jersey Regiment
  • 3rd New Jersey Regiment

  • Pennsylvania
  • 1st Pennsylvania Battalion
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment

  • Rhode Island
  • 2nd Rhode Island Regiment

  • Virginia
  • 2nd Virginia Regiment
  • Daniel Morgan's Rifle Company (1775)

  • Non-State Affiliated
  • The Second Regiment Light Dragoons, Tallmadge's Troop
  • Pulaski's Independent Legion

  • Militia
  • 1st Ulster County (NY) Militia
  • New Jersey Militia - Heard's Brigade

  • Crown Forces

  • 16th Queen's Light Dragoons
  • King's 8th Regiment of Foot
  • 17th Regiment of Infantry - Clayton's Company
  • 22nd Regiment of Foot
  • 33rd Regiment of Foot - Colonel's Company
  • 35th Royal Sussex Regiment
  • 40th Regiment of Foot
  • 43rd Regiment of Foot
  • 55th Regiment of Foot - Trevor's Company
  • 62nd Regiment of Foot
  • 63rd Regiment of Foot
  • 64th Regiment of Foot
  • 74th Highland Regiment of Foot

  • Loyalist
  • 2nd Battalion, DeLancey's Brigade, Col. Brewerton's Coy.
  • Loyal American Regiment, Captain Jashua Barnes' Marksmen
  • 4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, Capt. Samuel Hayden's Coy.
  • The King's Royal Yorkers
  • Fanning's North Carolina Loyalist Militia
  • North Carolina Volunteers/Hillsborough District Militia
  • Queen's Loyal Rangers, Peters' Corps, Capt. Justus Sherwood's Coy.
  • Roger's Rangers (Bray's)/Ellis Delahoy

  • Ackermann Arms
    Burnley & Trowbridge Company
    G Gedney Godwin, Inc
    Gen Nis He Yo Trading Company
    Carl Giordano - Tinsmith & Wife
    Hauley Music
    C & D Jarnagin Co., Inc.
    Military Warehouse
    Muzzleloader Magazine
    Roy & Debra Najecki Reproductions
    J.P. Ryan Patterns
    Robert Land Historic Shoes
    The Scarlet Scarab
    Smoke and Fire Company Online Store
    Jas Townsend & Son
    The Trunk Shoppe
    Tuckahoe Trading Company
    Virginia Public Store
    Walden Font (Minuteman Print Shop)
    Wm.Booth, Draper, at the Sign of the Unicorn
    Wooded Hamlet Designs
    Yaples Trading Post

    Book Sellers


    Shill’s Books
    Another Division of Continental Consulting

    Ballindalloch Press
    Brillig's Books
    Hope Farm Press - Static Site
    Kings Arms Press
    Purple Mountain Press
    Thomas Publications

    Campus Martius Museum
    Constitution Island
    Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
    Fort Chambly
    Fort Lee (NJ) Historic Park
    Fort Lennox (Isle-aux-Noix)
    Fort Ticonderoga
    New York Independence Trail
    New York Path Trough History
    New York State Parks & Recreation Historic Sites

  • Clermont - NYSHS (The Livingston Manor) - Friends Site
  • Crown Point - NYSHS
  • Fort Montgomery
  • The New Windsor Cantonment - NYSHS
  • Old Fort Niagara
  • Washington's Headquarters - NYSHS
  • Stratford Hall
    Yorktown Victory Center

    The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection
    Colonial Connecticut Records
    Company of Military Historians
             -- West Point Chapter
    The David Library of the American Revolution
    18th C Material Culture
    National Archives & Records Administration
             -- Northeast Region
    On-line Institute For Advance Loyalist Studies


    The Alamo Society
    Alan Archambault - Artist
    Black Loyalist Heritage Society
    Black Patriots Memorial Foundation
    Drums Along the Mohawk
    The Historians - Podcasts
    Historical Sculptures
    History on the Hoof
    Huguenot Historical Society
    Liberty! The American Revolution
    The Living History Guild
    Living History Resources
    The Museum of Applied Military History
    Rendezvous with Treason:The Andre/Arnold Conspiracy
    [Treason] WWW.AmericanRevolution.Org
    The Tricorn Veterans Project
    Don Troiani: America's Most Respected Historical Artist
    United Empire Loyalists - Bicentennial Branch
    Visit With Ben Franklin
    The War That Made America
    Gavin K. Watt - Historian & Writer

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