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       Our proprietor, Phil Weaver, is a highly regarded author, researcher, presenter and tailor. His articles on living history, the colonial period and Revolutionary War soldiers & uniforms have been published nationally since 1979.
       The following links point to just a few of his recently published articles (presented here in *.pdf format) for your enjoyment.
       Please remember that all of this material is copyrighted and restrictions apply.

Photo of the proprietor copyright ©2016 R.Dodge
Circular design by the Journal of the American Revolution

Journal of the American Revolution

The go-to source for premium content about the American Revolution and Founding. The Journal of the American Revolution (allthingsliberty.com) is a healthy variety of in-depth features and engaging columns, in both short- and long-form. With an eye for accuracy over legend, its creative and smart on-line content is intended to make history more palatable to the masses.

Features with/about our Proprietor

Links to all of our Proprietor's JAR Articles (in reverse order)

[JAR]   The 2nd New-York Provincial Battalion: On Additional Continental Service:
  • The Worthy but Troubled Continental Service of Capt. Barent J. Ten Eyck
  • Henry Defendorff: A Very Intelligent Man*
  • Evans & Bean of the Hampshire Grants*
  • The Hard Service and Sufferings of James Dole
  • The Courtmartial of Captain Joel Pratt
  • Dickens, Rose & Turnbull
  • Joseph McCracken: New York's First Revolutionary Captain
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  • [JAR]   The 3rd New Jersey in New-York: Stories from "The Jersey Greys" of 1776:
  • The 3rd New Jersey Regiment's Mighty Dueling Frolic
  • The 3rd New Jersey Regiment's Ill-Fated Patrol
  • The 3rd New Jersey Regiment's Plundering of Johnson Hall*
  • The 3rd New Jersey Regiment's Ticonderoga Vendetta*
  • * Selected by the Editors as a Top Ten Article of the Month
    As of 2018, there are no more Top Ten Articles of the Month

    Military Collector & Historian

    Known as the Company Journal to its members, this quarterly publication of the Company of Military Historians is professional in content and is profusely illustrated. Its richly annotated articles cover such subjects as weapons, accoutrements, uniforms, materiel, and colors and standards. They also include information on military organization, unit history, military art and artists, recently published books and other publications, and the activities of the society and its members.

  • New York State Society of the Cincinnati (Book Review)
  • Sam Wire and the Cow-Boys
  •                - Addenda to "Sam Wire and the Cow-Boys"
  • Update on 4th New York Uniforms in 1775
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  • Military Uniforms in America

    This series of over 800 full-color prints, known as plates, researched and illustrated by Company members illustrate military dress covering the uniforms of military units of all countries in the Americas serving at home and abroad, and units of other countries serving in this hemisphere. To date, this continuing series represents the single most comprehensive documentation available on the subject. To amplify their usefulness, a single-page, footnoted text accompanies each plate.

  • Plate #657 - Enlisted Men, 4th Battalion,
  •                           New York Provincial Forces, 1775
  • Plate #722 - Albany County Provincials
  •                           Employed for the Common Defense
                              of the Continent of North America, 1775
  • Plate #814 - 3rd New Jersey Regiment (Jersey Greys), 1776
  • Plate #972 - New York Colony Company of Artillery, 1776
  • Plate #___ - 1st New York Regiment, 1778

  • The Brigade Dispatch

    The Journal of the Brigade of the American Revolution publishes research on 18th-century history and culture that facilitates the Brigade’s mission to recreate the life and times of the common soldier of the American War for Independence, 1775-1783.

  • America's First Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • August 15, 1776
  • Captain Jacob Cheeseman and his Unknown Yorkers
  • 4th New York Uniforms in 1775: When a Jacket is a Vest
  • Shirts for the Big Man
  • Captain Alexander Hamilton's Epaulette

  • Miscellaneous Publications

  • Advice from a Board Member (Opinion)
  • Cousin Dan
  • Sir Billy, Mrs. Loring and the Battle of the Kegs*
  • Tired of Being Called a Reenacter? (Opinion)*
  • Notes for BAR NCO School (2014)*
  • A Response to Bill Wigham(Opinion)
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  • [Cover]

    * Included in The Greatest Hits of The Colonial Chronicle: The Rev-War Collection

    Cover image of The Brigade Dispatch used with the permission of the Brigade of the Americaan Revolution

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