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       We specialize in books about the Northern campaigns of the American War of Independence (Canada, Lake Champlain, New-York, New-Jersey, and Philadelphia). Other subject areas in our growing catalog include the British army, material culture, living history, and a new one on the French & Indian War.
       In addition, one of our newest lines features guide books for historians & travelers. A second line features books on spies, spy rings & spycraft. Both of these lines have become extremely popular and we expect them to grow in popularity. We are also carrying a small collection of Osprey Books. These books are an ideal reference resource for living historians, military history enthusiasts, model makers and wargamers. Since they cross over so many periods and subjects, we have decided to bundle them together.

  • Miscellaneous Offerings
  • The Early Revolution in the North
  • The NY-NJ Campaign of 1776
  • The Campaigns of 1777
  • 18th C British Military
  • Material Culture
  • The French & Indian War
  • The Non-Combatants
  • Living History
  • Guide Books for History & Travel
  • Spies, Spy Rings & Spycraft
  • Special Collection of Osprey Titles

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    Miscellaneous Offerings & New Arrivals


    American Loyalist Troops 1775-84,
    by René Chartrand

    In this 450th title in the famous Osprey Man-at-Arms Series, René Chartrand uses newly discovered material to offer a more modern analysis of the American Provincial Corps. Packed with new photographs, completely new and up-to-date text and illustrations from the renown Gerry Embleton this book examines the history of the nearly 50,000 American volunteers who fought on the side of King George in the American War for Independance. It is a tight little study that provides updated and comprehensive information on unit identities, commanders, strengths, areas of enlistment, combat record, tactics, uniforms, and equipment. It is a must for your military library.

    48 pages. Illustrated Softcover. $18.00
    Shipped in New York State. $20.00

    Hell on the East River: British Prison Ships in the American Revolution,
    by Larry Lowenthal

          Few people have heard of New York's Wallabout Bay on the Brooklyn shore of the East River or know the terrible story of the American sailors who were imprisoned there on wretched hulks like The Jersey. Probably more Americans died there than in all the battles of the War for Independence. The author, Larry Lowenthal, uses prisoners' own accounts to describe the agony of imprisonment. He anaylises the number of deaths, examines the reasons for the tragedy, and describes the 100-year sturggle to erect the Prison Ship Martyrs' monument in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY.

    Back in Stock
    174 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. $15.00
    Shipped anywhere in the United States. $18.00



    Benedict Arnold's Army: The 1775 American Invasion of Canada During the Revolutionary War,
    by Arthur S. Lefkowitz

          The Arnold Expedition is one of the greatest adventure stories in American history. Based upon extensive primary sources and a keen understanding of the terrain, Benedict Arnold's Army examines in great detail this largely unknown but important period of the Revolution.
           An award-winning author, Arthur Lefkowitz provides key insights into Arnold's character during the earliest phase of his military career, revealing his aggressive nature, his need for recognition, his experience as a competitive businessman, and his obsession with honor. When readers close this book, they will understand for the first time what started one of Washington's favorite and most capable officers down the fateful path to treason.

    New Close-out Price
    384 pages. Hardcover. Illustrated by George Woodbridge $23.00
    Shipped in New York State. $25.00
    Final copies!


    Benedict Arnold in the Company of Heroes: The Lives of the Extraordinary Patriots Who Followed Arnold to Canada at the Start of the American Revolution,
    by Arthur S. Lefkowitz

          Hundreds of Men followed Col. Benedict Arnold northward on his famous expedition to capture Quebec in late December 1775. These men continued fighting after Arnold fell wounded and only surrendered when hopelessly outnumbered and trapped inside the city. Author Arthur Lefkowitz explains who were these men and what became of them in a fresh and compelling way.
          An award-winning writer on the American Revolution, Lefkowitz spent years searching through archival materials to paint portraits of Arnold’s amazing cast of veterans whose fates offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives of early American patriots. This original monograph begins with an overview of the failed Canadian invasion before following these men into prison (where some devised intricate plots to break out and even seize weapons to capture the city). Despite their hardships, many returned to the rebel army to continue their fight for independence.

    One Left!
    312 pages. Hardcover. Illustrated. Maps $30.00
    Shipped in New York State. $33.00

    The Revolution's Last Men: The Soldiers Behind the Photographs,
    by Don N. Hagist
           During the Civil War it was realized that only a handful of veterans of the American Revolution still survived. Six of these men were photographed and interviewed for an 1864 book by Reverend E. B. Hillard. Their images have captivated generations since then; but the biographies accompanying these photographs were garbled and distorted, containing information that ranged from inaccurate to implausible.
           Now, for the first time the military careers of these men have been researched in detail using a wide range of primary sources. The result is a new perspective on the actual service of these soldiers, along with new details of their relatively quiet postwar lives. The Revolution’s Last Men presents the original biographical interviews published in 1864, pension depositions and other first-hand accounts given by each man later in life, and an up-to-date biography examining each soldier’s service and discussing the inaccuracies and uncertainties of the previously published accounts.
           To complement the photographs taken in 1864, original drawings depict the men as they may have appeared when they were soldiers, using current research on military artifacts and material culture. Also included are additional photographs of some of the men that were not part of the 1864 collection. This book puts their service into perspective and allows these men to be appreciated for who they really were and for their great and unique service to their country.

    Sold Out!
    256 pages. Illustrated. Photos. Hardcover. $28.00 List.
    Tax & Shipping included: $20.00
    Final copies!



    Bergen County Voices from the American Revolution:
    Soldiers and Residents in Their Own Words

    by Todd W. Braisted
           Bergen County saw much of the American Revolution from its own doorstep. Close to British-occupied New York City, this corner of New Jersey was divided by the Revolution. Some people were staunch Loyalists or Patriots, in disagreement with their families and neighbors; others wavered or remained neutral, while still others changed their minds as was expedient. In the end, the years of hostilities led to massive damage and upheaval within the community as men either left home or stayed nearby to fight for or against secession from Great Britain. After the war, their pension applications allow glimpses into their experiences. Compiled and edited by local historian and Revolutionary War expert Todd W. Braisted, these are the stories of the Revolutionary soldiers of Bergen County. Well researched, this book is a worthwhile acquisition for any Revolutionary War buff.

    Out of Stock!
    192 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. Maps. $21.99 List.
    Tax & Shipping included: $22.00

    The Artillery Never Gained More Honour:
    The British Artillery in the 1776 Valcour Island and 1777 Saratoga Campaigns

    by Douglas R. Cubbison
           This illustrated history highlights the efforts and contributions of the British Corps of Artillery in the Valcour Island campaign of 1776 and the Saratoga Campaign of 1777, recounting the participation by both the British Royal Artillery and that of the Hesse Hanau Artillery, who served as hired allies of the British. It focuses on the tactical, logistical, and command functions of the Royal Artillery by making considerable use of primary sources, many of them utilized for the first time in this study. It concludes with a detailed examination of the British artillery pieces used during this campaign and makes an effort to identify the current location of all documented Saratoga artillery pieces. The author is currently employed as the command historian for the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum.

    198 pages. Softcover. Heavily Illustrated. Maps. $20.00
    Shipped anywhere in the United States. $24.00



    Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier:
    The Narrative of Joseph Plumb Martin

    by Joseph Plumb Martin
           Better known as "Private Yankee Doodle," this is a must-have book for all students of the American Revolution. A wide-eyed teenager when he first enlisted, Martin served for nearly the entire eight year war. Here, he recounts in grim detail his harrowing confrontations with gnawing hunger, bitter cold, and the fear of battle. It is an invaluable memoir from an ordinary man in extraordinary times. This particular edition is a reprint of the 1830 edition published by Glazier, Masters & Co., Hallowell, Maine.

    Back in Stock
    176 pages. Softcover. $8.00
    Shipped anywhere in the United States. $14.00

    A British Soldier’s Story: Roger Lamb’s Narrative of the American Revolution,
    Edited & Annotated by Don N. Hagist

           Roger Lamb is one of the most-often quoted sources for the British soldier’s experience during the American Revolution. This edition is a completely annotated abridgement of his two books; A Journal of Occurrences during the Late American War (1809) and Memoir of My Own Life (1811). Lamb’s own wartime experiences have been culled from each book and edited together chronologically to form a highly readable, exciting and authentic narrative of the American Revolution.
           Here, Lamb describes his early life, joining the British army, the voyage to America, the Ticonderoga campaign, his capture at Saratoga, imprisonment in Boston and escape to New York City. Lamb then goes on to describe his participation in the invasion of Charleston, the battles of Camden, Cowpens, and Guilford Courthouse -- plus another daring escape during the climatic Yorktown campaign and long journey back to British-held New York City. This exciting book is extensively footnoted, including additional biographical material on Roger Lamb and an overview of the weapons, tactics, uniforms and accouterments used by the British Army during the American Revolution.


    206 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. Maps. $15.00
    Shipped anywhere in the United States. $20.00
    Final copies!

    NOTE: This is not Robert Graves’ fictionalized account of Roger Lamb’s life, but the TRUE LIFE adventures of a British soldier told entirely in his own words. Roger Lamb’s engaging, hard-to-find and authentic narrative is now available in this clear, concise, modern typeset version.

    Liberty Without Anarchy: A History of the Society of the Cincinnati,
    by Minor Myers, Jr.

           With unprecedented access to the society's papers and documents, Minor Myers has produced a highly readable history of this fascinating organization. Founded in May 1783 at Steuben's headquarters near present day Beacon, NY, by officers of the Continental army and navy, the Society of the Cincinnati could speak for their members with one voice. With Washington as President-General, they exerted political pressure on Congress to guarantee payment of monies owed their members for past service suring the war. The former officers were finally awarded a pension in 1827.
           At one time, the Society was also one of America's most controversial organizations. Many Americans, Thomas Jefferson principal among them, viewed it with suspicion, as a seedbed for a hereditary American aristocracy. As Myers points out, the fears were well-founded. Many society members were monarchists, and in 1786 Steuben himself wrote to Prince Henry of Prussia inquiring whether he might be interested in becoming king of the United States. Prince Henry declined and interest in monarchy ended with the adoption of the federal Constitution in 1787.


    320 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. $17.00
    Shipped in New York State. $19.00

    New from Random House


    The American Revolution: A History,
    by Gordon S. Wood
           Only 5 x 7.5 inches, Gordon S. Wood's new book is a concise summary of the events and circumstances surrounding the seminal conflict in American history. As one of the more highly regarded historians of the period, Wood deftly describes seeds of the Revolution, the course of actual warfare, and finally its aftermath. His polished narrative flow enhances this work's appeal to readers, whether or not they are knowledgeable about the American Revolution. Mr. Wood was one of the narrators for the PBS American Revolution series "Liberty", The History Channel's "Founding Brothers," and recently seen on C-SPAN's "Booknotes" hawking this very book.

    190 pages. Hardcover. Published at $19.95. $18.00
    Shipped in New York State. $20.00
    Final copies!


    A New Treat!

    Murder or Mayhem? Benedict Arnold's New London Raid, 1781,
    by Dr. Walter Powell
           In 1781, not long after his defection, Benedict Arnold led a force of British and Loyalist troops to attack New London harbor and Fort Griswold. Known as the "New London Raid," charges of British atrocities followed as the American commander and more than half of his troops were killed. Dr. Powell uses previously unpublished accounts, of both Colonial and British leaders, to bring a fresh interpretation to events surrounding Connecticut's bloodiest Revolutionary War battle.

    Back in Stock! 88 pages. Booklet design. $10.00
    Shipped 1st Class only. $12.00

    New to our inventory!

    Baron Von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual: A Facsimile Reprint of the 1794 Edition
           Facsimile of extremely rare 1794 edition of von Steuben’s basic manual of military training and procedure. It served as the official U.S. military guide until 1812. Invaluable reference for historians, military buffs details drill and field service regulations: formation of a company, marching, firings, inspection, much more.

    176 pages. Softcover. $10.00
    Shipped in New York State. $12.00


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