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       We specialize in books about the Northern campaigns of the American War of Independence (Canada, Lake Champlain, New-York, New-Jersey, and Philadelphia). Other subject areas in our growing catalog include the British army, material culture, living history, and a new one on the French & Indian War.
       In addition, one of our newest lines features guide books for historians & travelers. A second line features books on spies, spy rings & spycraft. Both of these lines have become extremely popular and we expect them to grow in popularity. We are also carrying a small collection of Osprey Books. These books are an ideal reference resource for living historians, military history enthusiasts, model makers and wargamers. Since they cross over so many periods and subjects, we have decided to bundle them together.

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    The Early Revolution in the North

    The Latest from Continental Consulting

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    The 3rd New Jersey in New-York:
    Stories from “The Jersey Greys” of 1776

    by Philip D. Weaver

           Colonel Elias Dayton’s newly formed 3rd New Jersey Regiment mustered in New York City on May 1, 1776 as part of the 2nd establishment of the Continental Army. It was almost immediately praised as one of the best and most complete regiment in the service. Sent to Canada with Brig. Gen. John Sullivan’s relief force, it was diverted at Albany to handle Indian-Loyalist concerns in the Mohawk Valley. Come October, the entire regiment left to reinforce Fort Ticonderoga, Mount Independence, and their dwindling garrisons. After a difficult winter, they were finally able to return home in the Spring of 1777.
           The latest book from our proprietor, Philip Weaver, is the culmination of over 35 years of primary source research. The book includes reworked material previously published in The Brigade Dispatch and the on-line magazine Journal of the American Revolution plus all new research specifically done for this book.
           Using such primary sources as the Philip Schuyler Papers, Peter Force's American Archives, Joseph Bloomfield's journal, two other journals, original company account books, period documents, muster rolls, and pension records, this book, with only one or two exceptions, is an accurate accounting of what happened -- by the people who were there. Meticulously documented, it includes nearly 270 footnotes, bibliography, and mini-biographies of some of the personalities that interacted with the regiment during its service.
           Some material had to be left out, as it was very complicated and would take far too long to explain and research suport material. This would also make the book too large for its purpose. Even though this all fully researched, it is ostensibly a story book and not a unit history.
           Continental Consulting is happy to bring you this exciting and highly anticipated new book. We truly believe you will thoroughly enjoy reading about the regiment everybody needed, but nobody wanted around when they got there, yet never wanted to give them up.

    185 heavy-weight pages. Perfect Bound. "Trade" paperback. Bibliography. Glossary. Maps. Illustrated. $21.95
    Introductory Sale Price (incl. appropriate tax & shipping): $20.00

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    “Engaging reading for anyone interested in the Revolutionary War and the actual soldiers who fought for America's freedom.”

    - James Kirby Martin, co-editor of Citizen Soldier:
    The Revolutionary War Journal of Joseph Bloomfield

    ”Readers will certainly enjoy these little-told stories of some of New Jersey's Continental troops serving in neighboring New York during the early years of the American Revolution.

    - Todd W. Braisted, Author, Grand Forage 1778

    “A brilliant new book about a Continental Army regiment that served in the Mohawk Valley and upstate New York regions. A must have for those who love reading about America’s beginning.”

    - Brian P. Mack, Fort Plain Museum
    American Revolution Mohawk Valley Conference

    “It is a really neat book and far more different than any regimental history that I have ever read. It is just really a first-rate study. If you are a hard corps Revolutionary War person, you are going to want to read this---If you just love a good yarn, a good story. Part “The Expendables” and part “The Dirty Dozen,” it is just a really fun, well written, well researched book.”

    - Brady Crytzer, Podcast Host
    Journal of the American Revolution Dispatches

    This title is also available for credit card orders at:
    Fort Plain Museum Bookstore
    or use your PayPal Account!

    Colonel J. F. Hamtramck: Captain of the Revolution (1756-1783),
    by William L. Otten, Jr.
    Jean Francois Hamtramck served in both the 1st & 2nd Canadian regiments. He was captured at the Cedars in 1776 and, after being paroled, commanded a company in the 5th New York at the taking of Fort's Clinton and Montgomery. (The detailed account of this action is the high point of the book.) He finished out the war in command of the 2nd New York's Light Company. His later service in the U.S. Army would take him west and to promotion as one of its highest ranked officers - but that is the next book.
    This rare biographical study of a company grade officer in the Continental Army is a must read for anyone interested in the northern campaigns of the American Revolution or the beginnings of one of our young nation's military leaders. It is a masterful combination of an easy reading narrative, sound research, maps, photos, mini-biographies, and side-bar discussions of strategic situations.

    Sold Out
    Gets more raves than any book we offer - Bar none!
    Shipping & Taxes Included. 400 pages. Softcover. $28.00

    Colonel J. F. Hamtramck: Frontier Major (1783-1791),
    by William L. Otten, Jr.
    This is the second volume of a trilogy, chronicling the life of Jean Francois Hamtramck. Volume II deals with the years he moved to the frontier and matured matured into a seasoned field grade officer. These were also the years of terror, when death could strike without warning and Indian warriors scalped soldiers and civilians with equal ruthlessness. Eventually the tempo of terror gradually escalated until no alternative remained but unrestricted, all-out war.

    One Left! Shipping & Taxes Included. 400 pages. Softcover. $28.00

    Bernard Romans: Forgotten Patriot of the American Revolution,
    by Lincoln Diamant
    The author of "Chaining the Hudson" has written a terrific biography of one the most interesting personalities of the Revolutionary War period. A self promoter to rival men like Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and Aaron Burr, Romans (1720-1784) was an English engineer and cartographer who turned Revolutionary. He is notable for developing the plan to fortify Constitution Island on the Hudson River opposite West Point. He is also credited with single-handedly capturing the all but abandoned Fort George at the base of Lake George in the spring of 1775.

    Out of Stock 160 pages. Hardcover. Illustrated. $16.00

    "Liberty or Death!" The Northern Campaigns in the American Revolution,
    by Gregory T. Edgar
    The author focuses his talents at weaving together primary source accounts into a vivid and readable history of the campaigns in Canada, and Burgoyne's expedition, from 1775 through 1777.

    397 pages. Softcover. Published at $34.00. $29.00

    The NY-NJ Campaign of 1776

    The Battle for New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution,
    by Barnet Schecter
    The Battle for New York tells the story of how NYC became the pivot on which the American Revolution turned: from the political & religious struggles of the 1760s and early 1770s to the Campaign of 1776, that resulted in a near seven-year occupation by the British. The dramatic heart of this chronicle is the extraordinary fall campaign.
    Schecter links 18th century events with the city’s modern landscape, illuminating the forgotten battlefield that remains. He skillfully weaves into his narrative the memorable and passionate voices of those who were there, giving his story a powerful human dimension. This profound and memorable saga was popular from the moment it first was published. We expect to sell a lot of these.

    One Copy Left!!! 454 pages. Hardcover. $30.00
    452 pages. Softcover. $16.00

    Divided Loyalties: How the American Revolution Came to New York,
    by Richard M. Ketchum
    One of the best narrative writers on the period (Decisive Day and The Winter Soldiers), Mr. Ketchum draws on letters, diaries, and other eyewitness sources to reveal the agonizing choices made by loyalists and rebels in the years leading up to the Declaration of Independence.

    Sold Out Our hottest selling historical narrative! 448 pages. Hardcover. Published at $30.00. $24.00

    Dive! The Story of Bavid Bushnell and His Remarkable 1776 Submarine (and Torpedo), by Lincoln Diamant
    A new an exciting booklet tells how a sercretive Yankee Genius, David Bushnell, set his sights on the Royal Navy and built the world's first submarine to carry the world's first torpedo. By the renowned author of Chaining the Hudson.

    New in 2003! 40 pages. Booklet. Illustrated. 1st Class shipping included. $7.00

    Campaign of 1776: The Road to Trenton, by Gregory T. Edgar
    This is a very readable book that will take you back in time to learn what the "Spirit of '76" was really like. Learn how George Washington repeatedly kept his army away from total defeat and then turn the tables on the British at Trenton and Princeton.

    Nominated for the 1996 Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award!
    422 pages. Softcover. Published at $32.50. $25.00

    Campaigns of 1777-1778

    An Object of Great Importance: The Hudson River During the American War for Independence, by Christopher W. DiPasquale
    During the American Revolution the Hudson River was a vital artery on which the cause of liberty depended. This book is a well-sourced brief account of the various actions and incidents that occurred along its banks and in its waters. The main areas of discussion include the construction of the river's defenses, the 1777 campaign, the 1779 taking of Stony Point, and the Benedict Arnold treason.

    One Copy Left! 92 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. $15.00

    The Battle of Fort Montgomery: A Short History, by Jan Sheldon Conley
    This little booklet tells the story of the brave attempt by a relative handful of Colonials to defend New York's Hudson Highlands in early October of 1777. Located just south of West Point, Fort Montgomery and it's sister fortification, Fort Clinton at nearby Bear Mountain, were originally built in 1776 to guard the Hudson River. However, despite a good but brief fight, they were overwhelmed from the land side by the advancing British and Loyalist troops of General John Vaughan.

    Back in Stock! 39 pages. Booklet. Illustrated. 1st Class shipping included $8.00

    Battle of Paoli, by Thomas J. McGuire
    Learn about the famous battlefield that was just saved. This is the first full-length treatment of the 1777 battle. Using previously unpublished primary sources to detail the arrival of Wayne's division in the area, the British discovery of the position, the battle itself, and Wayne's subsequent court martial, this nicely presented book is a must for any student of the period. It is one of our most popular titles.

    226 pages. Hardcover. Nicely illustrated. $25.00

    The Surprise at Germantown: October 4, 1777, by Thomas J. McGuire
    Discusses in detail the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania in October, 1777. Beginning with events that led to the battle, the story centers around the attack on the Benjamin Chew House, known as Cliveden. Barricaded inside Cliveden, the British 40th regiment held out in the center of the American attack. A British counter-attack soon caused an American retreat and ended the fighting.

    121 pages. Softcover. $12.00

    Marinus Willett: Defender of the Northern Frontier, by Larry Lowenthal
           During the War for Independence, citizens like Marinus Willett truly risked their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to establish a republic in which they fervently believed.
           A company commander with the 1st New York in 1775, Willett's bravery and unflinching dedication to the cause of liberty made him a hero of Fort Stanwix in 1777 (as Lt. Col. of the 3rd New York) and saved the Northern Frontier for the patriot cause in 1781 with the New York Levies. In between, as their new commander, he did what he could to revive the decimated 5th New York regiment.
    Willet was one of the first mayors of NY City following the revolution. He was a supporter of Aaron Burr and not of fellow New Yorker Alexander Hamilton in the politics of the early 19th century. Ironically, he and Hamilton are both buried close to each other in the Trinity Church cemetery, next to "Ground Zero" in NY City.

    104 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. $15.00

    The Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778, by Gregory T. Edgar
           General Washington has to fight not only the British for the rebel capital, but also his own subordinates who conspire to replace him as commander-in-chief at Valley Forge. Colorful characters include the Baron von Steuben, Molly Pitcher, and the Marquis de Lafayette.

    235 pages. Softcover. Published at $24.00. Our price includes tax & shipping! $24.00

    "...Mr. Edgar shows a remarkable ability to weave together first-hand accounts into a concise, highly readable narrative of a critical portion of the American Revolution. This book allows readers to experience the events as they happened -- in the encampments, on he marches, and on the battelfields"
    Don N. Hagist, The Brigade Dispatch

    Bloody Mohawk: The French and Indian War & American Revolution on New York's Frontier, by Richard Berleth

    6X9" 370 pages. Softcover. $20.00
    Shipped to any State: $23.00

    Saratoga: Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War,
    by Richard M. Ketchum
           In the summer of 1777 the British launched an invasion from Canada under General John Burgoyne. It was the campaign that was supposed to end the rebellion, but it resulted in a series of battles that changed America's history and that of the world. Stirring narrative history, skillfully told through the perspective of those who fought in the campaign, Saratoga brings to life as never before the inspiring story of Americans who did their utmost in what seemed a lost cause, achieving what proved to be the crucial victory of the Revolution. This is Ketchum's finest!

           "No novelist could create characters more memorable than the protagonists on both the American and British sides. Few writers have ever evoked so powerfully the hardships and majesty of the great dominating American wilderness, which was in itself a protagonist. This is superbly researched, full-scale narrative history at its best."
    David McCullough, author of John Adams


    Winner of the 1997 Fraunces Tavern Museum Award 480 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. $20.00

    18th Century British Military Science

    A British Soldier’s Story: Roger Lamb’s Narrative of the American Revolution,
    Edited & Annotated by Don N. Hagist

           Roger Lamb is one of the most-often quoted sources for the British soldier’s experience during the American Revolution. This edition is a completely annotated abridgement of his two books; A Journal of Occurrences during the Late American War (1809) and Memoir of My Own Life (1811). Lamb’s own wartime experiences have been culled from each book and edited together chronologically to form a highly readable, exciting and authentic narrative of the American Revolution.
           Here, Lamb describes his early life, joining the British army, the voyage to America, the Ticonderoga campaign, his capture at Saratoga, imprisonment in Boston and escape to New York City. Lamb then goes on to describe his participation in the invasion of Charleston, the battles of Camden, Cowpens, and Guilford Courthouse -- plus another daring escape during the climatic Yorktown campaign and long journey back to British-held New York City. This exciting book is extensively footnoted, including additional biographical material on Roger Lamb and an overview of the weapons, tactics, uniforms and accouterments used by the British Army during the American Revolution.

    Final Quantities
    206 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. Maps. $15.00
    Shipped in New York State. $17.00


    NOTE: This is not Robert Graves’ fictionalized account of Roger Lamb’s life, but the TRUE LIFE adventures of a British soldier told entirely in his own words. Roger Lamb’s engaging, hard-to-find and authentic narrative is now available in this clear, concise, modern typeset version.


    A System for the Compleat Interior Management and Oeconomy of a Battalion of Infantry, by Bennett Cuthbertson
    This is not the updated 1779 edition we used to sell, but the original 1768 edition of Cuthbertson's popular work. It contains innumerable details on managing individual soldiers, including fitting and maintenance of clothing and equipment, training, etc. Our new vendor prints these from hand-typed computerized masters so every page is reproduced sharp and clear.

    Sold Out Again!
    Signature bound facsimile reprint. No covers. $20.00
    Shipped (1st Class) $24.00

    A New System of Military Discipline, Founded Upon Principle, by a General Officer
    The author is attriuted to be Richard Lambert, 6th Earl of Cavan (1722-1778), Colonel Commanding the 55th Regiment of Foot (1774-75). Part 1764 Manual, part field manual, and part Cuthbertson. "Cavan" is a terrific manual with detailed expanations. This editon, taken from the 1776 Philadelphia edtion, is reset with new pagination from the original by the same vendor who provides us with the 1768 edition of Cuthbertson.

    Signature bound facsimile reprint. No covers. $30.00
    Shipped (1st Class) $34.00

    The Manual Exercise, as Ordered by His Majesty in 1764, Edited by Mark Tully
    From the author and publisher of The Packet books. This "new and improved" version draws on primary sources to help clarify the basic drill used by both armies at the beginning of the war. The basic positions needed for priming, loading, firing, are clearly reproduced - many with additional footnotes and explanations. Additional material is also included for "motions commonly practiced but not in the manual", plus illustrated notes on proper distances of ranks and files, military steps and cadences, wheeling, the oblique step and musket nomenclature.

    24 pages. Stapled booklet design. $5.00
    Shipping included

    Can also be found on "The Complete Cuthbertson" CD listed below

    The Complete Cuthbertson, Compiled, transcribed, and edited by Mark Tully & Don Hagist
    Two of the best editors in the Rev-War living history field have applied modern technolgy to a classic. They are now offering a transcription of the 1768/1776 edition with notes from the 1779 edition of Bennett Cuthbertson's classic "A System for the Compleat Interior Management and Oeconomy of a Battalion of Infantry" on a single CD.
    This CD also includes "The Manual Exercise, as Ordered by His Majesty in 1764" as edited by Mark Tully (see above), the "Cavan" manual (see above), and much more. Add it up, this CD is worth every penny! Adobe Acrobat Reader software for PC or MAC also carried on the CD.

    Shipped 1st Class. $40.00
    Final Quantities. New Lower Price. $35.00

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