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The Colonial Chronicle
A Newsletter of 18th & Early 19th Century
North American Living History


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  • Spring 1995
    G.C. Neumann & G.C. Woodbridge on B.A.R. Standards
    Contemporary Chronicles
    (Ethan Allen describes taking of Fort Ticonderoga)
    George Washington's Headquarters, Newburgh, NY
    My Dear Phil * Research Tip * My View * Further Reading

    Summer 1995
    The Fort That Never Was
    Contemporary Chronicles (Joseph Plumb Martin on Constitution Island)
    Fort Putnam * From the Editor's Desk
    Definitions - by P. Ackermann & Mr. Webster's Dictionary
    Expedition to Louisbourg - by Henry M. Cooke IV
    Life Upon the Wicked Stage - by Susan N. Jenkins
    Authenticity & Its Pitfalls - by David D. Nixon (from F&I War)
    Research Tip * Further Reading

    Fall 1995
    Muskets & Militia at Old Sturbridge Village - the Phil Eckert Interview
    Connecticut Seeks New Windsor Purple Heart
    Memo to Interpreters - by Phil Eckert
    Spectacles on Their Noses - by Peter R.W. Schaaphok
    Of the Drum, W.B. Gent Militia Discipline (1733)
    A Commentary by Scott Blake
    My Dear Phil * Research Tip * My View * Further Reading

    Winter 1996
    Is There Life After Shaving? - by Robert "Chip" Ball
    Gen. Richard Montgomery Remembered
    Construction Tips on Breeches * The National Archives
    Contemporary Chronicles (Letter to Mr. Hugh Gaine)
    Felt and Castor Hats - by William Wigham
    Research Tip * From The Editor's Desk
    My Dear Phil * Further Reading


    Spring 1996
    The Alamo Society - the Bill Chemerka Interview
    The Minuteman March
    The Real Elite - by Steve Baule
    Contemporary Chronicles (W.B. Travis to the People of Texas)
    Shifts & Women's Appearence - by Debra Najecki
    BAR Market Days Revisited - by Todd Braisted
    Louisbourg 1745-1995: Re-enacting Our Fathers' War - by Jack Kelleher
    General Washington's Army (Vol 2) - a quick review by Bob Winowitch
    My Dear Phil * Further Reading * My View

    Summer 1996
    The British Brigade - the Don F. Beale Interview
    Contemporary Chronicles (Mohawk Valley Surprise Attack)
    Construction Tips on Breeches II
    Father of Undersea Warfare - by Phil Weaver
    (from Black Powder Times)
    Bill Burke - NWTA - by Steve Gilbert
    Why Be as Authentic as Possible - by Jay Callaham
    Tidy's 1996 Symposium - a brief report
    New Policy Announcement
    Bullets 'N Bits * My Dear Phil
    Further Reading * My View

    Fall 1996
    The Trenton Barracks
    The Steuben Myth - by Steve Gilbert
    Dumb Questions - by MarkTully
    Complete your Kit - by MarkTully (from The NWTA Courier)
    Hooks & Eyes on Regimental Coats - by Roy Najecki
    General Washington's Army (Vol 1) - a quick review by Bob Winowitch
    Court Martial of Col. Morris Graham (after Battle of W.Plains)
    1812 Home Page Announced
    Letters from Vincent J-R Kehoe & Don N. Hagist

    Winter 1997
    BAR & NWTA Musick Tour - by Gary Vorwald
    Industrial Mindset - by Radford Polinsky
    An Officer's Guide - a review
    Contemporary Chronicles
    (British Accounts of NYC Campaign) - Part One
    Bullets 'N Bits * Chronicle Crossroad
    My Dear Phil * From the Editor's Desk
    Research Tip * For Further Reading
    Loyalist School * "Make Ready!"
    Loyalist Claims - by Todd Braisted
    Rudiments of Genteel Behavior

    Spring 1997
    The David Library of the American Revolution
    Sir Billy, Mrs. Loring and the Battle of the Kegs - by Phil Weaver
    (from Black Powder Times)
    Contemporary Chronicles
    (British Accounts of NYC Campaign) - Part Two
    Stone on Stockings - by Winston Stone
    Cousin Dan * Bullets 'N Bits
    My Dear Phil * My View * Further Reading

    Summer 1997
    Continental Line - the Sean Kelleher Interview
    Has Your "Frizzen" Gone Soft, by Mark Tully (from The NWTA Courier)
    What To Do in Camp, by Faith M. Rice
    Contemporary Chronicles (Report from Oriskany and Fort Schuyler)
    The British Occupation of Williamsburg, by Jay Callaham
    A Basic Guide for the RevWar Soldier
    Marine Comes Home * My Dear Phil
    Further Reading * My View * Bullets N' Bits
    Continental Consulting's Home Page * It's Not A Walking Stick!

    Fall 1997
    The H.M.S. Bounty * The Seige of Fort Erie, by John Sek
    Three Single-Throated Iron Buckles * Bullets 'N Bits
    There Was No Battle at Bennington, VT, by Mark Tully
    (from The NWTA Courier)
    Old Ironsides - A Reenactor’s View, by Jim Hayden
    Some Notes on Words of Command, by Peter R.W. Schaaphok
    My Dear Phil * From the Editor's Desk * For Further Reading

    Winter 1998
    The 10th Regiment of Foot - Conceptuality and the Basic Premise
    by Vincent J-R Kehoe
    My Favorite Tourist Conversation, by Jay Callaham
    Hats and Headgear, by William M. Wigham
    Dimensions of Authenticity, by David D. Dixon (from F&I War)
    My Dear Phil * My View * Bullets N' Bits
    Powder Horn Safety * Colonel J.F. Hamtramck
    Constructing 18th Century Civilian Coats
    1998 Rev War Calendars

    Spring 1998
    The National Purple Heart Heart Hall of Honor
    All Firearms Must Be Declared, by Andre Gousse
    BAR Infantry Table * Research Tip * Walter D. Edmonds
    Late Look at Liberty! * Alamo Almanac
    My Dear Phil * My View * Bullets N' Bits
    New Flyer Design * From the Editor’s Desk
    1740 Militiaman * General Stark's Horse

    Summer 1998
    Cockfighting in Colonial America, by David McKissack
    18th Century Military Foodstuffs, by Steve Gilbert
    G.Gedney Godwin - The Sutler of Mount Misery
    My Dear Phil * My View * Bullets N' Bits
    Colonial Classifieds * From the Editor’s Desk
    Articles Wanted for the General Hospital - from Marko Zlatich

    Fall 1998
    RevWar Troops Take Quebec By Storm
    Larry Bradbury * Stanley Rayner
    Don't Speak To That Man - by Faith M. Rice
    Successful Soldiers * New Technology - by William Wigham
    That Their Beards Be Close-Shaved - by Mark Tully
    (from The NWTA Courier)
    Lessons from Quebec:
    Innovative Interpretive Program Begun at US Historic Site
    Conducting Presentations in New Jersey Schools - by Jim Sieradski, Esq.
    Agent of Destiny: The Life & Times of Winfield Scott - a review
    Burning of the Valleys - a review
    My Dear Phil * Bullets 'N Bits * Coming Soon

    Winter 1999
    The Northwest Territory Alliance - the Joan Dobberpuhl Interview
    Listen My Children * Johnson’s Sizing
    Contemporary Chronicles (Ebenezer Elmer Describes Fort Stanwix)
    The Battle of Wawarsing * My View
    Further Reading * Past into Present
    My Dear Phil * Bullets 'N Bits * Coming Soon

    Spring 1999
    The Southern Department: Brigade of the American Revolution
    Walter H. Myer * The Silver Bullet, by Glenn Marshall
    Fashion in Detail * Worst of Books
    W.Colbreath Records the Raising of Fort Stanwix’s U.S. Flag
    My Dear Phil * Bullets 'N Bits * Coming Soon
    From the Editor's Desk * For Further Reading
    Rawhide???, by William Wigham (from The Loyal Gazette)
    Blanket Style Leggings, by Jon S. Mehl (from F&I War)

    Summer 1999
    George Washington Birthplace - National Monument
    Samplings of 18th Century Slang, by Phil Weaver
    (from Black Powder Times)
    Interpreting History to the Public
    by Carson O. Hudson, Jr. (from F&I War)
    My Dear Phil * From the Editor's Desk * Bullets 'N Bits
    Didjya ever have ta set-up a marquee?
    Fitting & Proper * For Further Reading
    Fight for Balanced History, by Scott Stephenson
    Contemporary Chronicles
    (Small Pox Blankets Given to Indians Besieging Fort Pitt)

    Fall 1999
    Honing Your Militia Impression, by Todd Post
    Lighting Freedom’s Flame, by James M. Johnson
    A Living History Response To Lobbies, by Gary Liming
    Musket Alterations, by Peter R.W. Schaaphok
    Modern Man's Litany, by Charles J. Nohai
    My Dear Phil * From the Editor's Desk * Bullets 'N Bits
    What’s in a Name?, by Jack L. Frost
    A Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens
    a review by Bob Winowitch

    Winter 2000
    Criticize or Capitalize: It's Your Choice, by Don N. Hagist
    Passing of a Witness to the Revolution, by John Mills
    Tailoring Tip * My Dear Phil * From the Editor's Desk * Bullets 'N Bits
    What They Didn't Teach You About the American Revolution
    (a book review from The Stars and Stripes)

    Spring 2000
    A Battle Road Thank You
    Hard-core Revisited, by Gregory S. Thebreg
    Support Solicited, by John White
    Col. John R. Elting, by Philip D. Weaver
    Battle Road 2000, by Mark Tully
    Contemporary Chronicles (Rev. Clark describes the real Battle Road)
    The Great Warpath * An Officers' Guide
    My Dear Phil * Coming Soon * My View * Further Reading

    Summer 2000
    18th Century Greetings, by Paul Dickfoss
    Good Things at Guilford, by Jay Callaham
    A Committee of Safety Musket, by David Weidner
    Saratoga Quarter Rejected * Tailoring Tips
    The Packet * Fabric Flame Tests
    Bullets 'N Bits * Coming Soon * From the Editor's Desk
    Keep the Ball Rolling (from Old Sturbridge Visitor)

    Fall 2000 (Actually Winter 2008)
    Liberty's Kids * Further Reading * Tailoring Tip
    My Dear Phil * From the Editor's Desk * Bullets 'N Bits
    Contemporary Chronicles (The 5th N.York at the Battle of Ft. Montgomery)
    Scabbard Chape, by Philip D. Weaver
    Greetings & Salutations in the Mid 18th Century, by Jim Sieradzki
    The Rule of Relative Inversion, by Philip D. Weaver
    The New York State Society of the Cincinnati a review by Philip D. Weaver

    Last of Volume #6 - Due Out.... Eventually!
    The Black Patriots Memorial
    The Times that Try Men's Souls
    The Men of Fort Foster * 1794 Marine Detachment
    Valcour Island Box * Agony of da Feet
    Sergeants in the Rear * Hair It Is! * Chester
    The Dock of Broken Dreams
    The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum * Mount Vernon
    The Federalist Papers * Lyme Disease
    Reactions to Features in Previous Issues
    An Officers’ Guide * More from Marko
    More from F&I War * My Dear Phil

    The Colonial Chronicle is currently on an extended hiatus. It will cease publication as a quarterly newsletter after the completion of the fourth and final issue of Volume #6. Current subscribers can be assured they will receive that final issue once it has been published. It is hoped The Colonial Chronicle can continue in one form or another in the coming years. However, the methodology has yet to be determined.

    While you are waiting, please consider purchasing a copy of
    The Greatest Hits of the Colonial Chronicle: The Rev-War Years.

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