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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs page. I hope these simple answers will cover most of the questions we receive through our website regarding procedural matters. Though we love to hear from you, answering the same things over and over again can get tiresome, even for a big mouth like me.


Where do I send my order?
Continental Consulting, 195 Sterling Pl, Highland NY 12528-2021

Do you have an order form?
No. Just send us an e-mail to confirm availability of your order, once confirmed, you just need to send a print out of that correspondence with your payment.

What is your e-mail address?
Our main address is conconsul@conconsul.com, but it is checked rather infrequently. If you have an urgent request, you may reach Mr. Weaver personally at phil@conconsul.com. You may also click the Contact Us link below.

Do you have a printed catalog or brochure?
No, not at this time. When the newsletter was active, we used to have one, but since most of our business is either in person at our display tables, or here through our website. This site can offer far more detailed information than a simple flyer.

Do you take credit cards or PayPal?
Sorry we do not take credit cards. However, we have recently opened a PayPal account so you can now "Send Money" to us and use your own bank account or a credit card once you have finalized your order.

What about U.S. money orders?
We take money orders, but really prefer not to. They are cumbersome and banks do not like to work with them -- plus they cost you money. Since starting the business, we have never had a problem with personal checks. Consequently, we do not expect your check to be a problem either. Please, do not let it be.

To whom do I make the check payable?
Continental Consulting
(This is very important because "The Colonial Chronicle" and the "Shill's" names are not acceptable to our bank. If you do not make out your check correctly, you will have to send another check to pay for your order.)

How do you handle orders from Canada?
We love to hear from our friends in "The Great White North." Shipping across the border is about 50% more than what it is here in the States, so please expect these kind of adjusted costs. Also, payments must be by check, in U.S. Funds (and must say so) --- preferably drawn on a U.S. Bank. In many ways, it is easier for you to send payment via a postal money order, made out to "Continental Consulting".

What can I do to speed my order?
Give us your address when you make your inquiry. We will have your order pre-packaged so we can ship as quickly as possible after payment is received.

Do you make period clothing?
Having earned "Master Tailor" honors from the Brigade of the American Revolution, I have been more than qualified to make most Rev-War period men's clothing. My specialty was regimental and civilian coats, but I could only make one or two a year -- if that. Sadly, my growing interests in other areas, particularly writing and researching, consumes most of my time. So, I barely have the time to make one or two clothing items annually for myself. In addition, I am not getting any younger and my hands and eyes are cooperating less and less with each passing year. So, it is becoming more difficult to complete the detailed finish work required when sewing period clothing.

Do you sell costumes for school children?
Historical programs for school children are great things, and should be encouraged, but this is not a costume shop. What we buy/sell is listed on the website (
Phil's Perpetual Blanket Sale). The list of items is constantly changing, so keep looking.

I have a school project due in three days, what do you know about the American Revolution?
This is certainly an exaggeration, but I get questions similar to this all the time. We, here at Continental Consulting, will try and help you with your inquires as best we can, but please keep them as specific as possible.

Do you bill?
Please remember, Continental Consulting is a cash business, so does not bill. Consequently we can send nothing on consignment.

Do you provide receipts?
Since our statements are custom made, we normally do not. However, should you need one, please request it when you order and it will be happily included in your shipment or under separate cover.

Do you guarantee your products?
Absolutely! All products are returnable (sans shipping costs) within a reasonable amount of time. Obviously, all goods must be returned in the same condition as you received them.

Can I still subscribe to The Colonial Chronicle?
Yes, you will receive the first three issues from Volume #6 and then the final issue when it is completed. A few years ago, the cost of a volume (and I mean cost) was about $12.00, but this has likely gone up. So, we want to get this last issue completed as quickly as we possibly can.

Why did you stop publishing The Colonial Chronicle?
Basically, the potential subscriber pool was unwilling to step-up and pay for the independent publication. It proved to not be worth the cost, time, and effort to produce it. (Anyone who has ever produced a content & graphic heavy newsletter will appreciate the effort involved.) The Chronicle was certainly a cult favorite and popular among the subscribers, but we operated it at a loss every year of its active run. So, it was time to shut it down. The good news is, we have one more issue to go for current subscribers and we hope for future incarnations of The Colonial Chronicle. Meanwhile, please consider purchasing a copy of
The Greatest Hits of the Colonial Chronicle: The Rev-War Collection. It is truly a fun ride that includes re-edited text, enhanced graphics, a modifed format, and a new glossary.

Why are your goods shipped in NY State often more expensive?
We are a New York based business, so all goods sold within the State are subject to sales tax. (Yes, as much as I hate it, we are legally obligated to charge and collect sales tax in this state.) Normally our prices include shipping costs and other hidden taxes, but when you add sales tax, it gets pretty expensive -- especially with the narrow profit margins we usually carry. So, we decided a few years ago to boost the price a dollar or two to help defray these costs a little. The balance comes off our bottom line.

May I arrange bulk purchase of a book or a series of books?
Absolutely. E-mail me, at the question link below, with your interests and we will see what we can do. Bulk orders usually result in lower shipping costs. Since our desire here is to make money, not gouge our customers, we will try and get you the best-discounted price possible. Bear in mind that the more you want to buy, the better the price.
We also offer wholesale pricing on bulk purchases of the books we have published. Currently this is The Greatest Hits of the Colonial Chronicle: The Rev-War Collection and The 3rd New Jersey in New-York: Stories from “The Jersey Greys” of 1776

Any other questions? Just Contact Us.

We, here at the Offices of Continental Consulting, wish to thank our
friends, Roy Najecki and his late wife Debra, of Najecki Reproductions,
for having the good sense to include a FAQs page on their site.
We had seen such pages on the websites of recreated units,
but never on a merchant's site. It was a great idea, which we
thought was worth repeating (or, at the very least, co-opting).

Photo of the proprietor by and courtesy of the late Robert Ferris


Copyright © 2021, Continental Consulting, All Rights Reserved