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       Continental Consulting is intended to provide a service to the Living History Community and other interested parties. It is rather an eclectic place to do business. Whether it be to buy a book or two, subscribe to our newsletter, have a question answered, or perhaps pick up a used piece of reproduction period clothing, we will be here to try and serve you.
       Our intention is to make money in order to survive, and not to gouge our customers. Our reputation has been well earned and our customers know it. Nearly everyone who does business with us returns again and again. We stand behind our work and our products.
       Conversely, our customers and fellow merchants have gone out of their way to help us at events and shows over the years. Often you will see them helping us set up before hand or loading up after a long weekend. They have even delivered lunch or minded the store so your proprietor can take a break from the long days. The list to thank is for too long to mention here, but they know who they are. They also know their assistance is always appreciated and will never be forgotten.

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The Greatest Hits of The Colonial Chronicle: The Rev-War Collection,
edited by Philip D. Weaver

       The Colonial Chronicle (ISSN 1528-8641) was an ambitious independent newsletter predominately about the American War for Independence as a living history experience. After a period of experimentation, The Chronicle found its voice as an information vehicle intended to educate and entertain its readers. This information was also presented with a twinkle in the eye and a touch of good humor. To honor this unique publication, its editors have published this exciting collection, which has been imaginatively entitled The Greatest Hits of The Colonial Chronicle, for your edification and enjoyment.
       Appealing mostly to current living historians, this book will also be of great interest to the average history buff. Sections include musket alterations, safety, authenticity, interpretation, tailoring period clothing, and headgear. This collection also includes a number of period accounts including the taking of Fort Montgomery and the siege of Fort Schuyler. Also included is a detailed description of an execution by a Continental Army firing squad. There are a number of featured articles included, as well as a bibliography, and a new glossary.
       All the original text remains from the newsletter, except for some very minor editing to correct any overlooked errors or seriously outdated information. Nearly all of the graphics have been significantly improved. The new glossary includes many of the terms used thru ought this collection that were known during the American Revolution or used by today’s living historians. This should help clear up any unfamiliar jargon, or it could, very well, confuse the reader even further.
       Contributors to this collection include many well known living historians. Among them are Todd W. Braisted, Jay Callaham, Steve Gilbert, Don N. Hagist, John A. Muller, Roy and Debra Najecki, Todd Post, Faith Rice, Peter R.W. Schaaphok, Mark Tully, Gavin K. Watt, Philip D. Weaver, and William M. Wigham.
       The collection is profusely illustrated by the late George C. Woodbridge, Alan Archambault, and America’s first great book illustrator, Felix Octavius Carr Darley (1822–1888).


94 heavy-weight pages. Perfect Bound. Bibliography. Glossary. Fully Illustrated. $19.95
Introductory Price (incl. appropriate tax & shipping): $20.00


© 2016 M.DeVecchis

Our proprietor signing copies of The Greatest Hits...
in Fort Ticonderoga's Museum Store during their
13th Annual Seminar on the American Revolution

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Seven New Books in Our Inventory!


The Revolutionary Soldier: 1775-1783,
by C. Kieth Wilbur
       This is a rebranded version of The Picture Book of the Continental Soldier, published by Stackpole Books in hardcover many years ago. This timeless classic includes 85 full-page plates of hand-lettered text and meticulously detailed drawings that bring to life the day-to-day pleasures and privations of the Revolutionary soldier. The text and illustrations combine to present a vivid picture of the Continental soldier as a living man - from the clothes he wore, gear he carried, and personal items he used to the food he cooked, weapons he bore, medical supplies he relied on, and religious beliefs in which he found solace. The book presents an engaging profile of the soldier who lived, worked, fought, and won a nation's freedom more than two centuries ago. Its full index guides the reader to where the illustrated relics may be found. A bibliography completes this all-inclusive reference and reading treasure.

85 pages. Softcover. Bibliography. Indexed. Heavily Illustrated. $17.00
1st Class Shipping in the United States. $22.00

Clash Of Empires: The British, French, And Indian War, 1754-1763,
by R. Scott Stephenson
      The conflict that Winston Churchill called the First World War profoundly shaped the history of North America. Scott Stephenson, who has living history origins himself, spent more than a decade locating art, objects, and manuscripts that tell the story of this colorful and dramatic clash of empires. Filled with illustrations and sidebars, this volume accompanies a major traveling exhibit currently in Pittsburgh. Though about the F&I War, Rev-war types will find the object file photos of the Rev-War period Indian Department regimental coat worth the price of the book.

Back in Stock! Heavily Illustrated. Maps.
128 pages. Softcover. $15.00
1st Class Shipping in the United States. $20.00



Abductions in the American Revolution: Attempts to Kidnap George Washington, Benedict Arnold and Other Military and Civilian Leaders,
by Christian M. McBurney
       The tactic of kidnapping enemy leaders, used in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, dates to the American Revolution. George Washington called such efforts "honorable" and supported attempts to kidnap the British commander-in-chief (twice), Benedict Arnold (after he turned traitor) and a future king of Great Britain. Washington in turn was targeted at his Morristown winter headquarters by British dragoons who crossed the frozen Hudson River. New Jersey Governor William Livingston went to considerable lengths to avoid being abducted by the Loyalist raider James Moody.
       Sometimes these operations succeeded, as with the spectacular captures of Maj.Gen. Charles Lee, Maj.Gen. Richard Prescott and North Carolina Governor Thomas Burke. The abducted, such as Declaration of Independence signatory Richard Stockton and Delaware's Governor John McKinly, faced risks to their reputations. The kidnapper risked all--if caught, he could be hanged. This book covers attempted and successful abductions of military and civilian leaders from 1775 to 1783.

232 pages. Illustrated. Softcover. List price $35.00. $28.00
Shipped in New York State. $30.00

The Revolution's Last Men: The Soldiers Behind the Photographs,
by Don N. Hagist
       During the Civil War it was realized that only a handful of veterans of the American Revolution still survived. Six of these men were photographed and interviewed for an 1864 book by Reverend E. B. Hillard. Their images have captivated generations since then; but the biographies accompanying these photographs were garbled and distorted, containing information that ranged from inaccurate to implausible.
       Now, for the first time the military careers of these men have been researched in detail using a wide range of primary sources. The result is a new perspective on the actual service of these soldiers, along with new details of their relatively quiet postwar lives. The Revolution’s Last Men presents the original biographical interviews published in 1864, pension depositions and other first-hand accounts given by each man later in life, and an up-to-date biography examining each soldier’s service and discussing the inaccuracies and uncertainties of the previously published accounts.
       To complement the photographs taken in 1864, original drawings depict the men as they may have appeared when they were soldiers, using current research on military artifacts and material culture. Also included are additional photographs of some of the men that were not part of the 1864 collection. This book puts their service into perspective and allows these men to be appreciated for who they really were and for their great and unique service to their country.

256 pages. Illustrated. Photos. Hardcover. $28.00 List.
Tax & Shipping included: $20.00
Final copies!



Bergen County Voices from the American Revolution:
Soldiers and Residents in Their Own Words

by Todd W. Braisted
       Bergen County saw much of the American Revolution from its own doorstep. Close to British-occupied New York City, this corner of New Jersey was divided by the Revolution. Some people were staunch Loyalists or Patriots, in disagreement with their families and neighbors; others wavered or remained neutral, while still others changed their minds as was expedient. In the end, the years of hostilities led to massive damage and upheaval within the community as men either left home or stayed nearby to fight for or against secession from Great Britain. After the war, their pension applications allow glimpses into their experiences. Compiled and edited by local historian and Revolutionary War expert Todd W. Braisted, these are the stories of the Revolutionary soldiers of Bergen County. Well researched, this book is a worthwhile acquisition for any Revolutionary War buff.

192 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. Maps. $21.99 List.
Tax & Shipping included: $22.00

Coming Very Soon!

Citizen Soldier: The Revolutionary War Journal of Joseph Bloomfield ,
Edited by Mark Edward Lender & Joseph Kirby Martin
       Unpublished and all but unknown when the first edition—skillfully edited by historians Mark Edward Lender and Joseph Kirby Martin—appeared, Bloomfield’s wartime journal was praised for providing both scholars and general readers with new information on the Continental soldier; the revolution’s impact on society; warfare in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; and the motives and actions of the revolutionary generation. Soldiers and civilians, Patriots and Tories, come alive in this fascinating eyewitness narrative. This brand new long-awaited softcover edition of Citizen Soldier: The Revolutionary War Journal of Joseph Bloomfield (the first in thirty-five years) includes a new snappy cover page, plus a new introduction and bibliographic essay by the editors.
       If you want to get an understanding of what it was like to command a company of Continetnal Army soldiers, this is the book to read.

192 pages. Annotated. Illustrated. Softcover. $22.00
Tax & Shipping included: $26.00



Available Now!

Strong Ground: Mount Independence and the American Revolution,
from the Mount Independence Coalition
      Located on high ground across Lake Champlain from Fort Ticonderoga, Mount Independence played an important role in the northern defense of 1776 and the subsequent campaign of 1777. This 112-page, full-color, richly illustrated history of Mount Independence is now available. Loaded with contemporary maps and paintings, modern photographs and maps, and original illustrations by noted artist Gary Zaboly, the book breathes history. Informative sidebars complement the dramatic narrative story of Mount Independence and its unique place among American Revolutionary War sites.

Heavily Illustrated. Maps. Photos.
112 pages. Softcover. $25.00
1st Class Shipping in the United States. $30.00


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Book Sales

Shill's Books
       We specialize in books about the Northern campaigns of the American War of Independence (Canada, Lake Champlain, New-York, New-Jersey, and Philadelphia). Other subject areas include the British army, material culture, living history, and a new one on the French & Indian War. Our list of titles continues to include many titles by current and former living historians, including Norman Desmarias, Don N. Hagist, Eric Goldstien, Arthur Lefkowitz, M. Richard Tully, Gavin Watt, and Philip D. Weaver.
       The lagging economy has been rough for book sellers thru ought the United States. We are no different. For now, we are continuing to do what we can to sell off our inventory and keep overall costs down. Though we are pleased to offer a new paperback edition of William Bligh's own account of Mutiny on the Bounty. Who would not want to read that!? We also picked up a few copies of an inexpensive edition of Wit and Wisdom from Poor Richard. A great read for young and old.
       In addition, we still have a couple of copies left of our short-term titles such as Barnet Schlecter's The Battle for New York and Richard Holmes' Redcoat. We are also have a good stock of Richard Ketchum's Divided Loyalties, one of our best sellers, at a new lower price. We still have a few of copies of Don Troiani's updated Rev-War button book in clolor, Insignia of Independence, that are still available, at a slight discount.        We have expanded our inventory of titles on the Seven Years War in North America, with paperback editions of Tom Todish's America's First World War and The Annotated and Illustrated Journals of Major Robert Rogers, plus R.R. Gale's A Soldier Like Way. We are also very excited to carry Jim Mullin's All Sorts of Provincials. Some newly published titles also grace our shelves, including Arthur Lefkowitz's Benedict Arnold's Army, illustrated by the late George C. Woodbridge, and a recently published un-annotated edition of Joseph Plumb Martin's famous narrative of his service during the American Revolution.

       In our Living History section, we proudly announce the availability of The Packet V. This fifth and final book of the groundbreaking series was recently published by Ballindalloch Press in late Fall of 2010, and largely unknown by readers of the previous editions. Interest in this wonderful series is, at least, slowing. As a result, the entire Packet series will no longer be available once the publisher's current inventory is exhausted. Our supply is very limited, so, if you want to check them out for the first time or fill out your collection, you better do it sooner rather than later.
       Finally, at long last, we are able announce Shill's Books new collection of guide books on the battles and sites of the American Revolution. Most of the books are from the Guide to the American Revolutionary War Series, by Norman Desmarias. This is an area of growing interest to living history aficionados as well as the general public. After all, who does not like to learn of the history around them? So, we see the number of available titles increasing.
       Updates to this site have been few and far between the last few years, so we have a long way to go getting them updated. Please check back frequently while we try to reconcile the inventory.

Osprey Books
       Osprey Books are an ideal reference resource for living historians, military history enthusiasts, model makers and wargamers. Because they cross over so many periods and subjects, the Osprey books we are now carrying, have been broken out to their own page.
       Brendan Morrissey’s Quebec 1775, was our top seller in 2004. It stands on its own merits, but also makes a great companion book to the author’s previous Boston 1775 and Saratoga 1777, which we are now offering, as well as Monmouth Courthouse 1778. Other books in the Campaign series we carry include New York 1776 and Philadelphia 1777.
       We are hoping that René Chartrand's American Loyalist Troops 1775-84, the latest in Osprey's long-running Man-at-Arms series, will be as great a success.

The Colonial Chronicle


The Colonial Chronicle
       A Newsletter of 18th & Early 19th North American Living History. Learn about it's origins, features, and direction. Be sure check out our simpler close-out pricing schedule while you are here.

Catalog of Issues
       A complete listing, by issue, of every feature published in The Colonial Chronicle

(Includes a special statement about the future of the publication)

Reviews & Comments
       Detailed reviews and comments by the readers of The Colonial Chronicle

The Greatest Hits Collection
       A collection of the best Rev-War material from The Colonial Chronicle all bundled up into a brand new perfect bound paperback book


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Brigade of the Am. Revolution
      Organized in 1962, the BAR is a non-profit living history association that recreates the life and times of the common soldier of the American War for Independence. Members represent elements of all the armies involved, plus civilians, merchants, and the like.

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Saratoga: The Surrender that Changed the World

      As the morning of October 17, 1777 wore on at Saratoga, a British army over 6,000 strong made preparations to surrender arms and ordnance to the Northern Army forces of the United States of America. Never before in history had a British army surrendered – anytime, anywhere. British Lt.Gen. John Burgoyne rode to meet his conqueror, Maj.Gen. Horatio Gates, and the two generals and their staffs retired to a nearby hilltop to mark the occasion.

(This momementous event was memorialized in John Trumbull's 1821 masterpiece, Surrender of General Burgoyne,
which hangs in the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C.)

Join Them and be a Part of this Great American Victory!

Today, this historic hillside is nothing more than a weed-choked landscape. Through a cooperative partnership endeavor, a new memorial park is planned on the exact spot where the two generals and their staff dined together, reviewed the vanquished British forces, and where Burgoyne tendered his sword to Gates.

The Friends of Saratoga Battlefield, a non-profit 501C-3 educational organization, is taking on the largest endeavor in our 25 year history – the preservation and development of the Saratoga Surrender Site. The establishment of the new memorial park is long overdue and will be a testament to those past Americans who achieved this remarkable feat.

We hope you will join them in preserving this iconic piece of America's history.



Friends of Saratoga Battlefield

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Bob Hansen
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"I reviewed your web page, and being a web designer and computer consultant I can say that you did a very nice job on the page itself. Speaking as a member of the BAR, and other Living History groups, I have to say that the content of these pages is very lacking. It seems like it is a page to sell items or to hype up the resume of Mr. Weaver. His Biography makes him out to sound very arrogant and is a useless addition to this sort of site."

Dan Mazur
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"There seems to be something missing from the photo of you! I know what it is! You need some facial hair! Just kidding."

Ken Miller
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Sporting a green subaltern's cockade purchased from Phil's Perpetual Blanket Sale,
Ken Miller (above) is again having fun with the Proprietor of Continental Consulting
at the 225th Anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, June, 2003.

"After recently visiting Fort William Henry and Fort Ticonderoga, I stared briefly at your picture trying to figure out what Fort you're standing in. Suddenly it hit me, when I saw the white 'castle' in the background, that you must be standing in Fort Putnam at West Point. Geez, I should know because I only live a couple of miles down the street in Fort Montgomery, plus I use to work the Army Football games as a kid, so the view is very familiar. Nice Page!"

Ron Buchholz
Fort Montgomery, NY


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